Miki Strong

Miki_StrongMiki Strong
Topic: Claim the Spotlight: How to Build a Spiritually-Rich & Financially-Rewarding Lifestyle Business
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Observer, AT: Partner, and Tone: Disillusionist
Business Soul Language(s): AQ: Observer, AT: Nurturer, and Tone: Driver

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Lifestyle Business {re}Design
It’s your business. Design it to support the life you want to live
Work you love. Clients you adore. Financially rewarding.


About Miki:
When it comes to teaching women how to create a business designed for and around personal freedom, Miki Strong is a bona fide master.

Her work is all about connection: no connection = no cash flow. It’s as simple as that. Miki has a supernatural knack for identifying why people are connecting with her clients—or not. It’s the focus of her signature work with women in business.

As a writer, speaker and sought-after consultant, she shows you how to connect to your voice, your value & worth, determine what your people (really) want, and craft your most enticing offers (ever).

Bliss, balance and freedom—that’s what Miki stands for and what she helps women create in business.

Now in her 25th year of entrepreneurship, Miki is thoroughly unemployable—and proud of it.