We have all heard about the spiritual practice of gratitude and forgiveness, but did you know that money can be a spiritual practice?

Did you know that you are in a relationship with money? Is yours one of love and abundance or co-dependence?

March’s Soul Expedition Academy’s class is Money as a Spiritual Practice (remember, you can take just one class or sign up for all 12 classes).

I’m lucky to be co-facilitating this interactive class with Jennifer Bloome. We have taught several money classes already together (in fact, one participant said it was the best money class ever).
What will you learn and experience during this class? You will:

  • Understand the type of relationship you have with money
  • Understand how your relationship with money highlights your relationship with the Divine
  • Understand your current spiritual practice around money
  • Understand how to remember and act from a place of power with money
  • Receive a deep healing around the shame issues around money
  • Create a new spiritual practice with money that supports freedom, love and abundance
  • Receive a deep healing around the way you have been receiving and a new understanding on how moving forward with money that is both spiritual and tangible

If you have struggled with these money situations below, this class might be for you.

  • bankruptcy
  • a great financial loss
  • not paying your bills on time
  • deep feelings of not receiving what you paid for
  • feeling like you are always robbing Peter to pay Paul
  • a deep struggle with your relationship with money all your life
  • broken trust in money transactions
  • addictive behaviors around money

What will your return on investment be for this class?

So we have always disliked that phrase “return on investment”, and then something we read clicked. This is from Karen Monroy, “Why spend energy if it isn’t returning energy to you?”

So we want to let you know (as far as we can predict, because the Divine is at work here) what we believe will be the “return on investment.”

  • You will move from a scared practice with money to a sacred practice with money
  • You will expand your connection with the Divine
  • You will have a bunch of tangible tools to keep guiding you to a relationship with money that is one based on love and not lack
  • You will have a deep knowledge of your relationship with money and the tools to make a different choice on an ongoing basis

What are you paying for?

  • 60-minute interactive virtual class and the recording on Wednesday, March 2nd
  • 15-minute Soul Language and Money Discovery session

One Class Investment: $42


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