Intensive Money Clearing and Strategy

It’s never about the money…how many times have you heard that or even said that? And, that’s true. And, money is one of the most powerful ways we tend to use to keep us separate from the Divine. It is also one of the greatest triggers of safety for humans. That’s why we are always talking about the money.

What if your money relationship was out of your hands? What if having a more profound relationship with your Soul and the Divine would support the growth of your bank account? And, what if it didn’t all have to feel like life and death. Anyone in spiritual circles knows that everything is an inside job. And, sometimes we need support in accesses those energetic pathways between us and abundance. What if you could release the duality involved with “money” – this is a BIG game?  What if you could let go of the battle with money and bring it to a simple and powerful place of the energy of love?

We have come together to provide individuals with an intensive money clearing and strategy experience. To help you create a multi-level consciousness that will support you and your life on all-levels. A sort of one-stop shopping, to create a more profound relationship with money and a  stronger alliance between your Soul and your day-to-day experience. This experience is all about creating a harmonious relationship between essential nature, money and your relationship with the material world

And, if you are like us, Jennifer Urezzio, Jennifer Bloome and Estee Taschereau, you would like all that to happen in a day or a week. You are done with the struggle, you are done living hand to mouth and you want transformation that sticks. Well, here’s what we know:

  • We know the strategy is in your Soul to have a better relationship with money
  • We know that sometimes karmic patterns are preventing those shifts that you have been making to stick
  • We know that we want easy to follow tools and practices that will keep the flow going
  • We want it now
  • We want the Divine to show up for us (trust us it is; you just might not be able to see it)
  • We don’t want to have to fix anything because somewhere deep inside you know that there is nothing wrong with you

And, here’s what we are offering:

  • A deeper conversation between you and your Soul (via Soul Language) to truly understand what you want out of abundance and why
  • An internal and external strategy on receiving that abundance (a money game plan)
  • A deep understanding of your relationship with money; definitions on how you and money get along and why!
  • A deep understanding of how to utilize this Divine relationship with money to support your dreams and visions
  • A karmic money clearing – a cleaning of those patterns with money that are out of your control and based on karma
  • A balanced and love relationship with money

What does this look like?

  • 90 minute in depth Soul Language session conducted by Jennifer Urezzio – to create a deeper understanding and acceptance around you and money, create your money strategy/game plan and to really understand your core desire when it comes to abundance (if you already have your Languages identified, this session will go deeper in deepening into understanding their ‘why’ with abundance)
  • 90 minute in depth Soul Language and Money session conducted by Jennifer Bloome – you will understand the core energies of your relationship with money and how to utilize these energies to receive what you need, want and desire (if you already have your Money Language identification done, this session will go deeper in utilizing those energies to create a powerful relationship between you and money)
  • 90 minute Karmic clearing around you and money conducted by Estee Taschereau. Please note: Karma is more than consequences of actions in a previous life. As a Soul navigating the complexities of learning and living in human form, much of what we have done has been by trial and error. Over time you may have created agreements or contracts, taken part in rites and rituals, carried forward obligations that should have completed, or cannot be completed. Any of those past experiences can be woven into your beliefs that guide you in your present day decisions. Karma is also known as “action consisting in motion” meaning your ability to create, serve, and live in a proactive way. Karmic clearing, and the approach Estee takes is dedication to Soul service, consists of bringing into consciousness the threads from the past that impact your present life – thereby freeing your energy to serve you here and now.

Timing is up to you. We can do all three sessions in one day (virtually) or you have your sessions over a span of a month.

Investment: $1,050.00 or three payments of $365.00

Full Payment

Three Payments