Nick Berar

Nick Berar
Topic: Understanding Your Relationship Mirror
Learn how to understand what your relationships are trying to tell you.

Personal Soul Language(s): (AQ): Politician

“…if you want love , the case could be, that you must face vulnerability…” Nick Berar

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An Hour With Nick

An hour exploration of what your (current and past) relationships your  telling you and the unconscious patterns you have and the lessons they may trying to teach you and why your are attracting the people you are.

Investment $200

About Nick
Throughout his fifteen years in personal growth and development programs, Nick Berar has conducted numerous consulting projects in the areas of leadership, effectiveness, stress management, team building and professional development. He has designed and conducted seminars for adult education, corporations, professional institutes, government and non-profit organizations. He has also trained seminar and workshop facilitators in the “art” of conducting a personal development workshop. Nick has published a book and cassette tape program outlining the principles of the YOUR CHOICE workshops.