Peggie Arvidson

Peggie Arvidson
Topic: Conscious Spotlight – Using Your Inner Wisdom to Evolve Your Business, Your Relationships and Your Health and Live In YOUR Spotlight
Personal Soul Language(s): (AT): Image Maker

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Ebook– “3 Keys to Claiming Your Spotlight Using Your Hands”’



Revealing your primary spotlight style, using the message in your hands
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About Peggie
Peggie Arvidson opened her first business, a boutique pet-care company, in 2002 with little more than a vision and determination.  By the time she sold the company in 2007, it had grown from one person and one client to grossing a quarter million a year with a team of more than a dozen contractors.  During this time, Peggie was being called upon to help other pet-loving entrepreneurs start and sustain their own pet-related businesses throughout the US and Canada – and Pet Care Business Success University was born.

Peggie quickly realized that the difference between a successful, sustainable business and a life-sucking service based business was simple — business owners who were laser clear on their larger (life) purpose and who they served best were successful, those who didn’t, burned out or failed.

Searching for validation for this theory, and for guidance about her own life’s meaning, Peggie had her hands read by a modern day hand analyst at the recommendation of her own business coach.

Peggie’s focus is to ensure that entrepreneurs in service to others understand fully that they can (and must) live their heart’s desire – not separate from business, but within it.   Her process guides creative successful women to identify the perfect people for their businesses so that they can use their one-of-a-kind voice to create products and services uniquely targeted to them.

Most entrepreneurs in service believe that their product/service CAN help EVERYONE.  Yet, the truth is – if you’re not working with your perfect people, you’re not making enough money to serve anyone.  Peggie’s tough-love approach to guiding entrepreneurs is based on the map found in each client’s hands – because unlike any other assessment tool or ‘test’ – your hands hold the non-fudgeable truth of you.

As a mentor and a guide Peggie has identified the perfect clients for more than 3 dozen (and counting) creative entrepreneurs; assisted dozens of entrepreneurs and freelancers  in the creation of programs, services and information products to leverage time and earn additional income and led several creative entrepreneurs to launch blogs that tell their story and attract clients in a unique way.