Power of Prayer – The Prosperous Chapter

The second chapter of this program will continue to go deeper into the process of prayer and focus on some of the following topics:

  • Praying through a crisis or challenge
  • Phases of conscious transformation from solace to prosperity
  • Co-creating with a fool-proof Universe
  • Understanding your belief systems
  • Understanding that your belief systems are the gateway to happiness
  • Understanding your personal use of the creative power of prayer

Elements of the program:
• The program runs from Tuesday, December 27th at 7:00 pm and going to Tuesday, March 2nd (we meet every other week)
• The class is at 7 pm eastern for 60 minutes
• Each class will include sharing by members, conscious expansion teaching, and tangible tools to utilize the power of prayer (you stating truth to create and receive) to expand and receive
• Access to Jennifer via email for support

Investment: $200


Include the Soul Expedition Academy 2017 – a year of classes
Investment: $425