Raise the Consciousness of Your Teams for Greater Effectiveness Series

The Soul of the Team
Creating More Effective Teams, One Member at a Time

The capability of any organization is greater than the collective abilities of the individuals within it. Organizations are more successful when they are able to create synergy within groups or teams. Since your organizational goals, objectives, tasks, and priorities are larger than any individual – teamwork is required. When team members know how to be more effective together, synergy happens and greater organizational success is achieved.

That is why the ability to be a highly productive member of a team is a key to success today!

The Importance of Team Members
Every member of a team is important. Each person brings unique skills, knowledge, and experience. People also bring energy, drive, passion, and determination. Since not everyone brings different amounts of all of these things, team members need each other.

Increasing the strength of each team member will produce greater team success and organizational results!

Benefits of Increased Team Effectiveness

There are many ways your organization can benefit from personal effectiveness on teams, like…

  • Reduced Team Frustration — People are all different. And when they get together in teams, rational people sometimes seem to go crazy.  It is sometimes hard to get a group to cooperate, let alone collaborate. Improving your skills as an effective team member will drastically reduce the frustration you experience when working as part of a team.
  • A More Effective Use of Time — Imagine reducing the amount of time teams take to get things done.  Increasing individuals’ skills and knowledge to become more effective team members will help reduce the time wasted.
  • More Enjoyment — Once your team has reduced frustrations and saved time, don’t you think you will enjoy being a part of that team more?  When teams enjoy what they do you will see greater results for your organization.
  • Greater Results — Teams that work together more effectively, understand their roles and believe that collaboration can really benefit everyone, greater results will occur from the team’s efforts.

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What Will You Learn?
Here is a small sample of topics you will learn and be in a better position to apply as a result of completing series:


  • What your Soul Languages are and how they can be a resource to achieve your best results.  You will learn how your Soul Languages work and what do you need.
  • Qualities of successful teams
  • The importance of individual team members
  • 4 stages of team development


  • The importance of teams
  • 3 barriers to team commitment
  • 6 ways to support team members
  • Assessing your team skills
  • 2 ways to promote commitment in teams
  • 5 factors to increased trust in teams
  • Being supportive of other team members


  • Developing team goals and strategies
  • 13 suggestions for giving feedback to your team
  • Strategy of real collaboration

Wow, what an easy way to boost your skill level in team performance. The format has been cleverly designed with daily concepts and action steps to help guarantee your success. Identifying your Soul Language was so essential to understanding me and what drives me to be on this team and every team I join I know can articulate what I bring!

– NJAWBO Mastermind Group Member

Who Am I Learning From?

The Raising Conscious of Teams facilitators:  Jennifer Urezzio, Beth Williams, Kathleen B. Cashman.

Each of these facilitators will help you understand these concepts while demonstrating how their soul languages work together and help them achieve greater success.

How You Will Learn?

The program is designed to be interactive and delivered over time to allow for real time implementation of concepts and sharing of results. The three sessions will be 45 minutes in length and will focus on Education, Action and Alignment. The topical listing:

  • Claim your “I”
  • Ready to be a team player
  • Crafting your role; integrating your role
  • The Team fundamentals
  • Team Challenges and Realignment

Each session will cover an aspect of all areas to allow for complete practice.

Session dates and times:
Tuesday, February 8th at 9:16 am (eastern)
Tuesday, February 15th at 9:16 am (eastern)
Tuesday, February 22nd at 9:16 am (eastern)

All sessions are recorded.

Each session will have a pre and post work assignments to keep you utilizing and preparing your unique actions for your success. You will be asked to bring your team challenges to our call and we will help you dynamically work toward better solutions that honor you and your strengths.

You will learn techniques that will drive your energy, drive your productivity and drive the team toward greater results.

Over $500 Worth of Special Bonuses and Reports!

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Once you have made your investment, you will have access to download $500 worth of Bonus Learning materials:

  • Bonus 1: How To Get the Most from the Being a More Effective Team Member a list of tips to help people get the most out of your investment.
  • Bonus 2: Teamwork Affirmation Cards. One of the many components of this System is affirmations tied specifically to the content. This tool puts all these affirmation in one place so that you can print them out as individual reference cards.
  • Bonus 3: Soul Language basics. Understanding the Complexity of the Soul.

Once you have made your investment, you will have access to special reports worth $275 worth:

  • Report 1: Ten Traits of Highly Effective Team Members.
  • Report 2: Eight Tips for Better Brainstorming. Since you work in teams, you need to know the best ways to get the group’s ideas on the table. This report gives you those tips.

Your Investment
How much will improved team skills be worth to you and your organization? If each person on a five person team utilized this System to become 5% better team members, then the team collectively would improve not by 5%, but by up to 25%! Remember too that the amount of improvement could be significantly larger than this. Can you see the leverage these skills have when shared across a team or organization?

What would 25% improvement in team performance in your organization be worth? (Be conservative – what about 10%? Or what about 40%?)

There are workshops that would help you with some of these skills – you get these offers and announcements in your mail from time to time. These will cost you at least $100 per day – some as much as $1000 per day (per person). The content included in The Soul of the Team is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 days of classroom training.

This series has the power to be much more valuable than any workshop, because it gets to into your soul and helps you focus this energy to drive your behavior that leads to performance and interaction that impact directly your results.

Not only that – but if you decide today to sign up for a workshop, course or seminar today, you won’t be able to attend until it is scheduled. If you sign up for a Being a More Effective Team Member , you can start right now.

Your investment for one person is $397 which will include a Soul Language Identification – identifying your three Languages. To add additional team members to your registration you will simply add the cost of the Soul Language Identification: $237.00

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