Sacred Feminine Power: What is it? What does it do? And how can I get some? [Part One]

October 5, 2011 by  

Guest Post by Domenica Papalia

Personal Soul Languages: (AQ) Mentor, (AT) Nurturer and (Tone) Connoisseur
Business Soul Languages: (AQ) Peacemaker, (AT) Motivator and (Tone) Deliberator

All you beautiful Goddesses out there.  The world is changing right?

Are you feeling the calling to step into your Feminine Power, do business in a Divinely Feminine way, become an entrepreneurial Goddess? Yes!  The question I get asked most often is – “What does Feminine Power mean, and is it even real?”

I’m excited to share that not only is Sacred Feminine Power (SFP) real, it is an inescapably wonderful essence of being a woman.

There is a wealth of information available describing exactly how to do life and business in a feminine way.

So why then are so many women still feeling exhausted, paralysed by fears and doubts with the feeling of ‘never being quite good enough’ that never goes away.

Here’s the thing… can’t DO Sacred Feminine Power because it’s not a construct of the mind.  SFP cannot be expressed merely with words or actions. It’s not a set of behaviours, or a to-do list, rather it is an expression of BEING and can only be expressed by embodiment, that is, through the body. You can’t fake SFP; you can only allow its expression, OR NOT.

SFP is the name I give to that most Sacred and feminine aspect in all of us, men included.  It is your creative life force, the aspect within which is most closely connected to your Spirit, your wisdom and your Creative Power. The Sacred Feminine respects all life because She knows the power of birth, and She demands our right to be honoured, loved and respected by others and ourself.

All creation, whether a child, project, money or your life purpose begins with the engagement of your SFP, and this is as true for men as it is for women.

The most insidious belief and the greatest deterrent to expressing your SFP is the belief “I am not good enough”.  You cannot express your SFP and hold this belief in your body at the same time.  The two are totally contradictory as the

Sacred Feminine knows the value of life and that all people are, were and always will be an expression of Divine perfection.

Here’s the question I want you to ponder; “Are you investing your Sacred Feminine Power? Or are you spending it in illusions that don’t support you such as “I am not good enough”?

In the next article, we will continue our discussion and I’ll share with you four practices that you can apply immediately to reawaken, embrace and express your Sacred Feminine Power.

Domenica is a Human Potential, and Mind/Body/Energy Expert who helps you as an individual facing personal and professional challenges to understand how you are keeping yourself stuck and how to work intentionally with your creative energy and personal power to overcome those challenges permanently.

Domenica is no stranger to personal healing and transformation. Prior to establishing her unique services, she spent 17 years as a Clinical Pharmacist specialising in the multi-disciplinary treatment of disease in hospital and research teams. Her exposure to the daily human challenges in places like hospitals and drug addiction clinics combined with her deep desire to assist people to overcome their challenges permanently; led her to the study and practice of advanced Mind/Body/Energy principles & techniques where she has more than 12 accreditations.


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