Sarah Shaw

Sarah Shaw
Topic: How To Get Your Products to Celebrities
Learn how to reach out to celebrities and to get your products noticed by this group.

Personal Soul Language (s): AT: Nurturer

“…make sure the celebrity is a right fit for your product…” Sarah Shaw

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About Sarah
Translating ideas into action is Sarah’s strength, and she lends her wisdom willingly through her company Entreprenette, in which she coaches female entrepreneurs through the process of taking their fashion, home, lifestyle or accessory product ideas from concept to reality. Sarah provides private one‐on‐one coaching packages that give entrepreneurs the overall know‐how to create and launch a product as well as the strategies she used to grow her own million‐dollar company. One of her special areas of coaching is teaching clients how to get their products into the hands of celebrities and then leveraging their celebrity clientele for press and sales.

Additionally, Sarah provides her clients with advice, systems and concrete information as well as creative input and even strategies for efficient time management, which is a must for her busy clientele, many of whom are mothers like she. A natural leader, Sarah heads the Hollywood group for the women entrepreneurs group Savor the Success and she was an incubator leader for Ladies Who Launch. Even people on the other side of the country recognize her vision: she was recently voted Entrepreneur of the Week by, the web site of a conglomerate of large newspapers in New Jersey. Sarah has been a guest speaker at numerous events geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners.

When she isn’t designing or helping to guide new businesses, she enjoys entertaining, gardening, and doing crafts with her two‐year‐old twin daughters in the hopes that they will come up with her next great invention.