Soul Expedition Academy



As explorers and individuals who concentrate on our Soul’s unfolding, we often are interested in receiving on-going support and ways to expand and tap into our Soul’s infinite information and power.

I’m aware that individuals have invested thousands in programs that do not encourage that individual’s truths and often try and fit a round peg in a square hole.

What if there was a continuing education for the Soul and the Spiritual Renegade? A place where classes are content rich, by experts that provide guidance and allow for you to expand and shine. They are geared toward the conscious success of the individual and of those that are leading movements of change.

Starting January 2016 – there will be…Soul Expedition Academy – Continuing Education for the Spiritual Renegade

So by now, you either are saying YES or you have moved on. I don’t have to let you know who this is for…because if it is for you, you know it! So here’s the tangibility of what I’m offering.

  • You will receive 12 classes per year (You can attend these live or listen to the replay and the replay is yours!)840
  • Access to the expert for 24 hours after the class to ask questions and receive support
  • Access to tangible tools from Jennifer Urezzio and other guest experts (and we are bringing out the big gun experts)

Yes, you can take a class now and then or you can sign up for the entire year…The class titles are below. Dates and times are coming soon…

I recently joined Jennifer for her class “Creating a Movement”. I have known my personal Soul Languages for some time now. What I found is that I access my Languages without much thought. I can reflect and see where they are working in my life. I become complacent. I check in now and again with my “team”.

Taking this class reminded me that I can go deeper and gain so much more insight by understanding how they (Soul Languages) all work together and accessing them more often and at a deeper level. In this 90 minute class I gained so much insight with the exercises Jennifer walked us through.

I highly recommend working with Jennifer in any way you are able. I have had my personal languages identified, have done a lot of one on one sessions with her, and also taken several classes. Each time I come away with more insight, confidence, and knowledge. Thanks Jennifer for teaching me above all that… I am enough. I am who I should be right now in this moment. The knowledge that this is a life long journey excites me! Sue Brassel –

The classes will take place every first Wednesday at 9 am PT/10 am MT/11 am CT/noon eastern (schedule maybe subject to change). You can join at any time and will receive the replay and have access to the experts of any calls you missed live.

Creating A Deep Sacred Partnership with the Divine

Big Idea Marketing for a Spiritual Renegade

Money as a Spiritual Practice

The Guru Comparison – Why We Stop Ourselves From Being in the Spotlight and Receiving

Cultivating Support (from the Universe and from humans)

Stop Hiding Behind the Pain; Joy is Worthy

Understanding and Utilizing Your Magic to Receive

Teaching, Leading, and Service – Increasing Your Community, Not Your Responsibility

Innovative Soul – Turning Innovation into Gold

Defining Your Spiritual Leadership Role (and receiving from it)

Communicating As A Spiritual Renegade  

Understanding and Communicating Your Delivery Systems

One Class Investment: $42


Secure the Entire Year of Classes: $280

Need a two pay option…Two payments of 140.00 for the entire year of classes. One now and one a month from now.