Spiritual Leader’s Circle

Do you feel like you are doing something wrong in your business or your life?

Are you ready for the secret to stop feeling like you are:

  • Doing something wrong
  • Not good enough
  • A fraud
  • Not getting your share of clients

Ready? There is no @&$%# secret!

Ready for this? There’s nothing wrong with you or your business.

I’m asking you to rebel! I’m asking you to break out of the old ways of trying to fix yourself!

There is a new paradigm: to stop trying to fix you and your business and instead focus on connecting, listening, loving and taking Divinely inspired action.

It’s all about consciousness. Not just because being at a different level of consciousness will bring you the rewards you are truly looking for; being at a new level of consciousness is rewarding in ways you cannot fully describe or imagine.

All of the stuff you are creating: business(es), products, relationships, etc. are ways to guide you to a new level of consciousness. These things are all human tools to experience how to be in unconditional love (in other words, one with the Divine).

So the true question is, how do you go about moving into truth and expanding your consciousness?

I’m reaching out to you today because you recently had a Soul Language ID and you are:

  • A valuable member of the Soul Language community
  • A master of service and a leader
  • An individual with a big message

I’m inviting you to participate in a new way of being that keeps you aligned and builds pathways to new levels of consciousness for yourself and your business – Spiritual Leader’s Circle.

Imagine moving through your journey with a deeper sense of freedom from attachment to the outcomes. What could you accomplish if you weren’t feeling frustrated, frightened or defeated? Imagine your world with fewer dichotomies and less trying to control others. Imagine your world with less guilt, conflict, and competition.

In practicing this approach you will:

  • Tap into the consciousness levels of courage, neutrality, willingness and acceptance to create your life and your business
  • Learn to let go of outcomes and trust all is well
  • Create with Divine inspiration
  • Build communities and relationships that are sustainable
  • Cultivate success in personal and professional endeavors
  • Learn to bounce back from adversity and benefit from experience without judging yourself or others
  • Learn to create love from within
  • Learn to lead with balance
  • Understand and speak clearly about your spiritual platform
  • Understand that your sacred work is for yourself and the world
  • Understand and accept that your sacred work is to create a sustainable life for yourself and your family
  • Feel a deep sense of safety and support
  • Identify and accept your spiritual platform (your big, big message
  • Create products and services that express this spiritual platform

The approach consists of:

  • A Business Soul Language ID (if not already completed)
  • Daily practice guide materials
  • Creating your sacred platform work and guide sheets
  • 1-60 minute session a month with Jennifer Urezzio for six months
  • One monthly group (small, personally invited group) interactive, consciousness-raising call for six months
  • Program begins on September, Monday, September 17th at 10:00 a.m. PT, noon pm central, 1:00 pm eastern

Investment: $237 per month for six months or $1,200 full payment.

12 Monthly Payments of $237

One payment of $1,200.00