The Spiritual Renegade Kit To Being Your Own Guru – No BullSh*t Tools for Transformation


Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer Urezzio

I’m Jennifer Urezzio, and for the last 10 years, I have been saying that THIS is my year! And, then like a good spiritual wiz kid, I begin each year with my “bag of intentions,” tricks and tools.

But by the second week of January…all my good intentions have fallen by the wayside.

Does this sound like you? Why does this happen?

For several reasons:

  • You don’t have a sacred practice that worked for the kind of person YOU are
  • You don’t have practical tools
  • You don’t feel worthy enough to keep your promise to yourself
  • You don’t really understand what you want
  • You are trying to do your practices like everyone else does it
  • You are tired of the Jedi-mind tricks, the one-size fits all tools, and the experts telling you about their success stories when you are feeling stuck in the same place as before

Well…the past couple of years have been different. I was sharing my

Olivia Stefanino

Olivia Stefanino

experience about this with my English friend Olivia Stefanino of Be Your Own Guru and we decided to join forces to bring our communities:

  • no bullsh*t tools
  • tools that we use ourselves and share with our clients!
  • support with videos and interviews on how to create a sacred practice that you can tailor to suit you
  • a fresh viewpoint on metaphysics
  • honesty
  • how to honor the struggle and then move past the painful moments
  • how to let go of the embarrassment of why you’re not getting what you want
  • how to let go of this thing we call your image, ego and persona
  • how to wake up your magical DNA

We are going to provide you with ALL the tools you need to help you focus your attention and intention – so that finally, this year, it’ll be YOUR year! We will even provide you with a “checklist” so you’ll find it easy to keep on track and to monitor your success. 

Starting on February 13th, which is Love Yourself Day, we will be providing you with a week of videos that support your renegade style and help you be your own guru. And, you will receive access to additional tools to support you in creating your own sacred practice that works!

And the really good news is that you’ll be able to access it all completely for FREE!

Why are we doing this?

When Olivia launched her first book several years ago, she unilaterally declared that February 13th – the day before Valentine’s Day – should henceforth be known as “Love Yourself Day”, as you can only truly love others when you’ve learned to love yourself!

So, we combined forces to bring you an amazing blend of tools that you can adapt to your own needs and interests. Both Olivia and I are going to be offering YOU the opportunity to have a FREE 20 minute session – via Skype – with either one or both of us. This will help you really fast track your journey to success, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Of course, lots of transformational folk use the same kind of language that I’m using here – but we can’t help it that language can sometimes be clumsy! But please KNOW that what we’re sharing now are the powerful tools that we ourselves use – and we’ve adapted them so that you can use them to create your very own, unique toolkit that’s perfect for YOU.

Of course, we’d be lying if we said that we have all the answers – which is why we’ve persuaded a number of experts-in-their-field to allow us to share their most powerful tools for transformation with you too.

All you need to do is be present, reach out to those who inspire you and choose the tools that resonate with you – and soon you’ll find your life changing, as you begin to reframe your current thinking, expressing and “being” in the world.

You’re the one who’ll be in the driving seat all the way – our aim is to help you get there more quickly and easily. Having said that, we’re not prepared to join the “bullsh*t train” and pretend that it’s all a piece of cake – achieving deep and lasting transformation requires commitment and dedication. But we promise you’ll have a lot of fun along the way too!

Here are some of the topics that Olivia and I will be sending you via video:

  • What Tools Do You Require To Be Your Own Guru?
  • Why Healing Your Past Is The Only Way to Guarantee A Great Future
  • How To Feel Safe Speaking Your Truth
  • How To Trust Yourself And the Divine
  • Surrender Is The Key To Success

 If you haven’t been getting the results that you both want and know you deserve, then it’s time to do something different. Are you willing to accept the call of your soul, be your own guru and take charge of your destiny?

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