Success Support Program 2016

One of the keys to success, according to Time magazine, is to find a role model. “Watching the best people work is one of the most powerful things you can do. It’s motivating, inspiring and it’s how you were built to learn. Study the best to be the best.”1

Now, I’m not claiming I’m the best of the best. I am stating that I have been in the spiritual realm, in the service business and practicing for 10 years now. In that time, I have learned a couple of things. Also, having a mentor, guide or a support shepherd provides you the opportunity to:

• Ask questions you are afraid to ask anywhere else
• Be asked questions from a different consciousness perspective
• Tap into an individual that is always practicing and asking questions of the Divine

Wouldn’t you feel more supported if you heard from someone who has been there, will be honest about it, and is going to be strong and supportive when you feel lost?

The Success Support Program has been in existence for about 8 of those 10 years, and I realize I have a lot of content to share. So I decided to revamp this program.

Here’s what the new membership program looks like:

One 15-minute one-on-one chat via phone or Skype with me
This is to support you in your evolution of your Soul. Here’s where you can ask for support, guidance, questions around a situation, or just go deeper in knowing and loving yourself.

Language Thursdays
Feeling stuck? Knowing what your Soul is saying is profound but need help interpreting? Thursday is your day to connect with me, the founder of Know Soul’s Language. Send me a question, and using your Soul Languages, we will move through the challenge together.

Access to the Spiritual Renegade Group on Facebook
If you are truly looking for individuals that feel and think like you (highly intuitive and innovative), this group is the place. With over 190 members and going, this is where you can connect with others living via Soul.

Success Content
I’m opening up my content to you. The purpose of this content is to help guide you both in the internal and external actions that lead to your success.

Investment: $97 per month for three months or $250 for three months

Three Month Pay Option

Full Pay Option


1: Time Footnote