The Business of Soul

I was in a power struggle with my business. How did I find this out? Once I understood the Soul Languages of my business, I realized I may not have been fully aligned with the mission of my business, what was fueling my business (fear or love) and how I was taking it all personal. Your business is a part of you yet has its own Soul — just like a child is part of its parent yet is a separate being.

We invite you to listen to the audios below and review the elements of the program to determine if this resonates with you. See the video acceptance speeches of recent participants of the program by clicking here.  Here’s a video of some frequently asked questions.


Audio from March 31st complimentary class

Audio from March 16th’s complimentary class

Audio from December’s first complimentary class

Audio from December’s second complimentary class

FIRST CLASS ON May 4th (classes held 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month).
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Program Details
Two-90 Minute Group Calls (for three months)
These six hour-long calls will be content rich and serve as an open discussion with fellow business owners on topics that will infuse new life into your business and your life.

Topics Include:
The Butterfly Method
Are you procrastinating or rushing your business? Learn, how to co-create with your Soul and the Soul of your business to take ideas/products from thoughts to birth with this tangible tool.

Creating CommUnity
By having an intimate conversation with the Soul of your Business, you can understand how to choose staff that is aligned for your business, JV partners that are in tune with your mission and the mission of your business, and clients instead of your clients choosing you.

Soulful Foundations
During this topic we will discuss marketing from your business perspective, your business’ Soulful mission (not what you think it is!) and how to truly embrace and empower the mission.

Resource Receiving
Learn how to move beyond fears and beliefs to expand your personal receiving, which will impact the bottom line of your business.

Getting Yourself Off The D-List
Become aware of sneaky ways you’ve been using your gifts and talents to keep you on the D-list (devaluing, discounting, denying, derailing, etc).

Living on the A-List
Focus your energy and attention on you and your business’s Soulful powers and see how you can utilize these Divine gifts to create a company and life that thrives.

Attracting Your A-Team

By consciously coming into alignment, your natural leadership style will emerge. You will release relationships and situations that no longer serve, and you will attract the team members who will support you with easily and gracefully taking your business to the next level.

Additional Soulsources

Language Thursdays
Access to Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of Know Soul’s Language, every Thursday to discuss, ask, develop and release challenges within your personal and business life.

Exercises and Tools
You will have tangible tools, like the Butterfly Impact, to utilize in your business everyday to create, produce and receive.

What will be expected of you:
Maintain Confidentiality
In order to create a safe space for business owners to talk about what is really going on in their businesses, we will each agree to keep the things we discuss confidential. Wisdom gained can be shared without disclosing details about the person’s or the group’s process of discovery.

Use Your Soul Languages Consciously
This may look like carving out specific time to journal and reflect and/or paying more attention throughout your days. Group exercises and discussions will provide opportunities to become more aware of how you’re using your languages and how your personal languages are interacting with the languages of your business.

Participate In Group Exercises and Discussions
It is our intention to bring together the finest people to create the most comprehensive program. With a maximum of eight participants, each person’s comments and questions will be vitally important.

If you are interested and want to determine if this program is right for you, mind, body and spirit, click here to secure your 20 minute free session (just hit The Business of Soul link) and application.

This program is co-created and co-facilitated by Jennifer Urezzio and Kathy Smyly Miller and is part of the Know Soul’s Language program offerings.