The Year of Creation

God Plans, I Strategize

This former belief was helping me to be flexible and at the same time keeping me from bringing into manifestation my full vision. How are you doing with bringing your full vision into manifestation? If you are like me, you can plan as you go, and if you are like me (which I know you are) your vision is BIG, BIG, BIG! You also have a deep desire to be of service, can often slip into feeling responsible by taking on too much, and have feelings of “not enough.” You need both internal and outer support.

I want to offer you my support in the month of December to guide you for the year 2012. I’m proposing that we spend four hours together (virtually or in-person) creating your 2012 vision.

During this intensive The Year of Creation day we will be focusing on:

  • Your big mission and how to create your reality based on this mission
  • Your big themes for this year
  • Your spiritual road blocks and how to recognize when ego is working against you to bring your vision into reality
  • Your biggest fear and how it is tied to your big mission and vision
  • Your ways of holding yourself back and how you can interrupt the cycle
  • Your connection with your Soul, the Divine and the Soul of your business
  • Your 2012 words, numbers and totems
  • Your intentions and practices for sticking with them

During this intensive we will be creating:

  • The strategy of that big vision and create some jump starts for the how
  • The groups and individuals that you “need” to be connecting with
  • The groups and individuals that you “get” to let go of
  • The resources that you will “need” to help you create your big vision

Details of the Virtual or In-Person The Year of Creation program:

  • 4-hour virtual or in-person creation session
  • Two 20-minute follow up sessions, one in January and one in April
  • Worksheets, tools and intention setting practices for 2012

Of course we will be utilizing your Soul Languages (personal and business) to create and strategize for 2012.

Timing: last two weeks in December

If this resonates with you, please

email Jennifer Urezzio at to discuss next steps!