Trust – The Number One Tool For A Spiritual Renegade

Did you know that trust is a practice? That being in trust puts you in the consciousness of Neutrality? What happens in this consciousness?

Energy gets very positive in Neutrality. This condition allows for flexibility and a non-judgmental, realistic appraisal of problems.   This is the level of safety. People at this level are easy to get along with, and safe to be around and associate with because they are not interested in conflict, competition or guilt.*

Our tools of trust need to be personal to us and to be continually updated. For a Spiritual Renegade trust will lead to:

  • Manifestation of the bigger vision
  • Clarity
  • Opening and experiencing of the possibilities of the Universe
  • Ability to utilize your gifts and talents not just for community but for yourself as well

There is a theory that we should naturally know how to be in trust because we are walking and teaching the spiritual path…WRONG!  Our minds are geared toward taking us out of our trust zone to provide us with the illusion of safety. As a master healer, spiritual renegade and entrepreneur, trust needs to be incorporated into your spiritual practice and in the everyday moments of your life.

This month’s SEA call provides you with:

  • Understanding and knowing how to access your own Divine trust
  • Help to understand where you decide not to trust because of past pain and patterns
  • Utilizing your big vision as an instrument of trust
  • An opportunity to heal those old wounds around trust
  • Insights to utilize the consciousness of Neutrality to create opportunity and to manifest

Why is this call different from other calls?

  • To understand Divine trust we are going right to the Source (your Soul and the Divine)
  • This will help you create a strategy that supports your own growth process
  • Your strategy can be up-leveled as you expand
  • This material raises your consciousness and is geared toward manifesting your visions for your business and life

Call Details:
Wednesday, March 1st – 9:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Mountain / 11:00 am Central / Noon Eastern

Investment: $42

*David Hawkins – Power vs Force