Updating Your Map — Changing Your Perspective to Change Your World

One Change of Perspective Can Impact You For A Lifetime

What happens when leaders in their fields of expertise start to have a conversation?  A change of perspective happens that WILL change your world. Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of Know Soul’s Language and Terry Hickey, a belief change alchemist and a Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, bring to you the tangible tools to update the way you are currently deciding what you want and how you are going about achieving it.

The first step to changing your perspective and creating a new system of relating to your Soul, your world, your clients, and your success is to update your map.

Below, you can listen to the audio of our complimentary class on January 19th.

Updating Your Map — Changing Your Perspective to Change Your World is a three part tele-series with Jennifer Urezzio and Terry Hickey. With two experts on the phone each class will be filled with information that will allow you to:

  • Reprogram your patterns by changing limiting beliefs to empowered beliefs
  • Create a conscious connection to your Soul to hear Divine guidance and move that into action
  • Understand how to live your purpose
  • Understand self-sabotage and how to prevent it
  • Achieve what you desire (whatever that may be: more income, better relationships, expanding your knowledge of yourself, bringing more tools to your community, and/or releasing limiting beliefs

The benefit of this program is to give you back control over your perspective, so you don’t live on auto-pilot.

Teleclass begins on January 27th at noon (eastern)

Understanding Self-Sabotage
(Wednesday, January 27th at noon eastern)

Finding your Power Belief
(Wednesday, February 3rd at noon eastern)

Creating Your Map of Success
(Tuesday, February 9th at noon eastern)