Voicing Your Vision Soulposium

Our vision is always bigger than we are…it is always bigger than we believe we can complete. As Spiritual Innovators we can see the big, big, vision and often feel a deep sense of frustration and loss that we are not living the vision or our spiritual innovator movement.

Our mission, our purpose supports this vision. It is the “how to” living by and in the vision.

During this two-day Soulposium you will:


  • Understand your Soulful wants, needs and desires and how they are an important part of the vision
  • Understand how to co-create with the Divine to receive these wants, needs and desires
  • Understand what parts of your voice and expression are out of frequency with this vision and how to realign yourself to express the vision clearly
  • Understand where your points of suffering are and what keeps you from remembering that you are one with the Divine
  • Understand how to receive support (from others and the Divine) for every part of your vision
  • Understand Spiritual Innovator pitfalls and what to do when you are in them
  • Understand what resonates with your peeps and let go of a community that is no longer serving you
  • Understand how to bring in more community to move the vision forward
  • Understand how to access your Soulful gifts to advance the vision and movement
  • Understand your Spiritual Innovator platform and style
  • Understand how to take the vision and create a tangible reality
  • Understand why your vision is always expanding and learning to love the expansion
  • And, whatever else the Divine has in store for you.

Are You Ready to Align Yourself and Your Voice to the Vision/Movement You Have With the Divine?

The Details

On September 10th and 11th, you will be exploring and accepting your vision in surroundings that are conference-1024x609a feast for the senses. The first day is focused on your being so clear about your vision as a Spiritual Innovator that it is tangible. We will be using a facility in a natural setting with light, space and a porch where you can look out into nature.

Download the entire Agenda.*

This isn’t a networking event! This is an event that is all about you and (finally) aligning with yourporch-1024x742 vision. This is about you accepting your own movement and living it. This is about you creating your 100+ year movement and coming out of hiding.

 All that longing in you is your Soul trying to lead you to greatness.

RSR_LoungeArea_medOn day two, you will get up on stage and sing your mission! You will be on the very stage where I sing in my classes. You will use your voice to step out and be your vision. Not to give any surprises away, but you will be getting up on stage and finding your powerful voice by using it. Lorraine Ferro, {Negotiator (AQ), Teacher (AT) and Disillusionist (Tone)} my singing coach, will be instrumental in helping you align, (and in some cases find) your voice. Being on stage and finding my singing voice has been the hardest and the most profound experience of my life. It has created so many miracles in my life.

The new way of conducting spiritual work is a combination of inner work and experience. This is why day two is so important. You won’t be just talking about being your voice; you will be experiencing it.

My intention is to provide a space that fills you: spiritually and physically, so you can let go and finally and fully express the power of your innovation without fear.

Here’s what’s included for you in the two days:

  • The personal expertise of two masters in their areas (Jennifer Urezzio and Lorraine Ferro)
  • An intimate setting and group (no more than 10 people are being invited to this event)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks (I can’t pay attention to my Soul when I’m hungry)
  • Transportation (from a local NJ train station to each venue if you require it)
  • Materials to keep you moving forward in being and expressing your vision/mission
  • Goodies (I love going home from an event and opening a bag of really good treats)
  • And, whatever else the Divine tells me you require

Here’s what’s WILL NOT HAPPEN:

  • We (Lorraine and Jennifer) will not offer any programs during this event
  • This isn’t an event to sell you into something bigger (I thought this needed to be repeated)
  • You being allowed to stay in the same painful place you have been
  • You staying small and hidden (and we do this in very, very sneaky ways)
  • We can pick you up at the train station in Morristown, NJ and take you to the event if you require that
  • There are several amazing hotels in the area (and we will have this information for you if you require it)
  • As soon as you secure your place, you will receive a packet of materials to start creating your vision in a more tangible way
  • Honestly, no one has ever done anything like this event

Vicky (from Reststop), Lorraine and Jennifer

Now, here’s what you really want to know…the investment: $395 (prior to September 1st; $495 after September 1st).

Yes, we can do a payment plan (so you can start paying for the event today, if you wish). Prior to September 1st, two payments of $198; after September 1st, $250).

 Full payment option click line below. Two payment option click here to download payment agreement.



*Depending on Divine guidance the agenda could change.