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Do you ever wonder how good a receiver you are?

Have you ever known some to be so fun to GIFT to that it makes you want to give them even more?

What if we all had a relationship like that with The Universe?

Throughout my service in the world, I have seen this pattern of *blocking* what we say we want to resonate with and attract.

That means we keep calling something forth, and in that message we are also sending out a counteractive vibe that contradicts what we say we want.  This is what I refer to as an incongruent pattern or message.

One of the biggest signs of incongruency is when we say we want something, but we keep attracting the opposite. Or when you attract some financial abundance, only to then attract your car needing $1000 in repairs.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, then you have had moments where the message you are communicating on multiple levels (mind, body, soul) is truly not in alignment with the vibration of your spoken words. And it all starts with intention, with the true vibration behind the message.

So I am a big believer in looking at some of the ways this can happen, so we can start to SHIFT THE PATTERN and EXPAND beyond this point. Below are some of the tail signs of blocking our own RECEIVING CHANNELS:

  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Judgment of Self or Others
  • Not being able to receive the *little* things like compliments, or a door being held, or someone offering to gift us something small (you say things like: “No, I am fine.” Could show up as being embarrassed that they even offered you something)
  • You lack gratitude for what you DO HAVE
  • The always wanting MORE syndrome (it is never enough)

Now if any of these above resonate with you in terms of something you have experienced at one point or another, then here are some ways in which you can shift that:

  • Practicing RECEIVING compliments in a more empowering way, truly acknowledge EVERYTHING from how well you look, to how you cook, to how wonderful your energy is by looking the person in their eye and say: ‘I receive that’ and taking each compliment in the moment.
  • Each morning start out with 3 Things You Love About Yourself (If you can say this in a mirror, it is the most powerful) and End the Day with 3 Things that You are Grateful for today About Yourself (challenge yourself to use different references and get creative, see how many different things YOU CAN LOVE about YOU!)
  • Wake up with a mantra that supports you receiving your inherit abundance and say it to yourself in the mirror, connect with YOUR own SOUL.. this practice of Self-Love is a TRUE gateway to our ability to also receive from others.
  • Give what YOU are WANTING to RECEIVE to others… this one is a SHIFT in the abundance mindset and when we are able to GIVE what we REQUEST is when everything starts to open and allow even greater sense of Flow!
  • Allow others to GIVE to you, as if doing this YOU are truly allowing them the GREATEST GIFT IN THE WORLD and let them know how incredibly generous they are being, really honoring their willingness to give.
  • Identify 1 role model a week that demonstrates a ‘Powerful Expression of Receiving‘, journal about them, what attributes do you notice about how they are able to do that, what does it look like to have this openness to receive? Each week pick a new person to identify these traits with for 90-days. Then look back and find what they all had in common, see the trends and identify ONE trait, behavior or action that you see in them that you are focused on cultivating for yourself. Now, simply make the intention to do so and identify a friend/supporter who can assist you in seeing this in you. Could be a coach, your best friend, etc.?

As we continue to recognize and acknowledge the POWER we hold in our ability to really be good receivers, then we are also able to open up and listen to ourselves, our Guidance in a new and clear way.

Opening up to this path allows us to receive on so many more levels…

May YOU know the beautiful GIFT in yourself.

Sending waves of abundance and receiving with GRACE,
Stephanie Marie Beeby

Stephanie Marie Beeby, M.S. known for her savvy business skills and intuitive nature she is often referred to as ‘The Soul Whisperer.’ She has a knack for combining her strategic mindset with getting to the heart of every situation to assist in turning your inner whisper into action. She assists people in fostering the depth of this inner journey, opening up to joyously receiving, so they are able to express themselves fully in their business and their life.

To learn about RECEIVING and Intuitive Strategy visit:  http://www.StephanieBeeby.com or http://www.ThePowerofPing.com.


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  1. Jennifer Urezzio on October 31st, 2011 4:11 pm

    This blog is so much you and the Goddess energy. Thank you for your wisdom!

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