The Year of Great Things

“As part of the process of prepping for 2015, I look at the past year’s vision statements and conscious connection maps. I came across one that stated my intentions, directions and desires for a sacred partnership from February. As I began reading, I was overcome with emotion. Everything that I had stated that I desired in a relationship, is what I’m experiencing.”

This is why I decided to share my conscious creation process with others…

And, help you create a year of great things!

buffalo2As a spiritual renegade, you, like the white buffalo, want to stand out, be individual, and still have a pack and feel safe. You want to be a symbol and embodiment of:

  • prayers being heard and honored
  • sustenance for yourself, your business, your family and your community
  • gratitude and strength
  • enlisting the power of the Divine
  • being open to receiving

Often as a renegade, planning is not your strong suit. It can lead you to feel suffocated, exhausted and limited. And yet, we all need a direction. We all need clarity around our decisions, direction and what we wish to co-create with the Universe for our lives. If we don’t have clarity, as a renegade, we can feel as if our wheels are spinning and we are going nowhere.


My map is so big; this is just a snap shot

For the last several years, I have been consciously creating my year by connecting to my Soul Language Team, the Divine and Divine Intelligence (the how of the Universe).


The result of this conscious creation process have been:

  • a deeper sense of safety throughout my year
  • a clearer sense of movement and direction
  • a deeper sense of my creative power
  • a tool that helps me take action every day
  • a deeper sense of the big picture
  • a map that I can turn to anytime I feel lost and without direction
  • a deep sense of understanding how to co-create and receive from the Universe
  • a deep sense of my purpose in my personal and professional lives

At the end of our collaboration together, you will:

  • have a deeper sense of the master strategy for your life and your business
  • have a tool to create from for an entire year
  • have a visual reminder of your truth, what you want, and what actions are needed
  • have visual representation of how to co-create with the Divine
  • have information from the Divine and your Soul to guide you throughout the year

So how does it work? During a 90-minute session, we (and the Divine) discuss three core areas of your life: Sacred Work, Relationships and Inner Expansion (don’t worry, all those tangible things like money, new clients, and speaking gigs, will fall into one of these core areas).

Together we are going to create your big vision, grand picture of the year again – from there (and I will talk you through this) the details are easy! And, at the end of our time together, you will have a recording of the session and your beautiful conscious creation map to keep as a visioning tool, an action strategy, and a reminder of your truth.

Special Investment: $95 – Tuesday, December 16th at 9:30 am eastern