Your Key to Success – Guest Post by Tambra Harck

August 31, 2011 by  

It can be difficult to even allow yourself to feel your true desire.

You know what I mean by True Desire?

It’s the yearning you feel from within… that if you were living it right now, you’d be in your vitality and joy, and you’d be experiencing what you know is real success, soul-level success.

Tapping into your True Desire can seem hard, scary even. You may be distracted by both inner and outer influences that tell you what success means or what you need to do, have or be to feel happy. From what you see on the news, hear at the dinner table, the ideas that you grew up with, or limiting self-talk, it’s easy to miss that the key to really loving your life is in you.

I believe that many of us, in more ways than we know, already are living aspects of our deepest desire, but we can’t see it because we’ve accepted a definition of success that isn’t ours.  I’ll show you what I mean…

Your natural state is to feel a sense of vitality, connection and love.

You are uniquely you, with desires and gifts that can only ever be expressed through you. Only you can bring to life the blessings, experiences and creativity that live in YOU. No one else can do that…

When you express your gifts and follow your True Desire, that is your key to success.

It’s not about achieving so that someone else gives you accolades, approval or validation. Success is a way of living day to day in such a way that you feel great appreciation for who you are and the way you live. Then it’s only a bonus when someone else is celebrating you too (rather than having their approval be your motivation.)

In an interview on final season of The Oprah Show, Tom Shadyac director of the inspiring docu-film “I AM,” said “If you don’t do what your heart wants, it will destroy you.”

That’s right, he said it will DESTROY you if you don’t follow your heart. Creating your own new experience of success is that important.

Tambra Harck is an “out of the box” spiritual mentor, speaker, radio host and author, who guides leaders and entrepreneurs to create new definitions and experiences of soul-level success, bringing an abundance of joy, meaning and love to their lives and the world.


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