The Longing of Your Heart

Thank you so much for your interesting in connecting more to your Soul via your Soul Language.

Your free giftSacred Practice for a Spiritual Renegade

Why do we need a sacred practice? When we feel separate from our higher power, that separateness shows up in our lives as lack, pain, and suffering. Participating in a daily sacred practice that fits who you are will allow you to create in a more powerful way, feel peaceful, and know that you are safe no matter what challenge is occurring.

As a spiritual renegade, your sacred practice needs to be flexible, fun and innovative like you. To receive your free gift click here.

The Butterfly Method

Special The Longing of Your Heart Investment of $37 (Usually $47)

MAKE SURE YOU USE CODE BUTTERFLYHEART (or you won’t receive the discount).

We all can get lost or stuck in the creative process.


  • there are just too many projects,
  • the results fall short of what we desire.
  • we just can’t bring life to our ideas,
  • we just can’t seem to birth any of our projects.
  • and sometimes, we can’t even get started on our projects.

Have you ever experienced  having too many projects going all at once and conducting busy work, just so you feel you are doing something?

I certainly have.  And that’s why I have created to The Butterfly Method to help myself and others align the creative process and bring more balance and Soul into the creative expression.

There are 4 stage

s of a butterfly and utilizing these four stages, you will understand where you are in the creative process and what gets to happen next.

Click here to purchase The Butterfly Method. MAKE SURE YOU USE CODE BUTTERFLYHEART (or you won’t receive the discount).


Personal Soul Language Identification 

(Normal Investment – $312Special The Longing of Your Heart Investment of $197)

This 60-minute phone session will reveal your three Soul Languages, why they are important, what they mean, how you’re using them and how you can start using them to create success in your life. You will get an audio recording of your session as well as written definitions and meaning of your three Soul Languages.

Having your Soul Languages identified gives you a tool you can work with on a daily basis. Through understanding your three Languages, you can attract others that speak one of your Languages to help feel supported and connected.  You can also attract others who speak other Languages to help you achieve a specific goal.

This session includes the formal definitions of your three Soul Languages and the audio link of the session. It also includes several powerful Soul Language Integration Tools, so you can create a conscious connection between you and your Soul (via your Soul Language team) daily.  These resources include:

  • Soul Integration Audio
  • Creating a Conscious Connection Everyday
  • Ego’s Games – 8 Things to Be Aware That Ego Will Do To Keep You From Expanding
  • Everyday Questions – A guide to starting a conversation with your Soul Language team(s)
  • And, a special bonus gift from Jennifer Urezzio

After you purchase a Soul Language ID Session, we will contact you to schedule your session.