Conscious Evaluation

This tool is designed to guide you in understanding what went very well, well and what missed the mark at the end of a manifestation process.

The purpose is to provide you with a method to look at a creation from a place of neutrality, so that you can tweak your manifestation process and expand your receiving. The process is designed to evaluate utilizing both sides of your brain, left (analytical) and right (creative).

You can conduct this process when you want:

  • To expand your consciousness around anything that you feel you: have failed at, are conflicted about, messed up, didn’t receive what you desired and are experiencing disappointment.
  • To expand your consciousness around creations that you feel were a success, so you can tune in and determine your success flow pattern
  • To expand your consciousness around a manifestation of a creation as it is happening; to support success.

You will receive a PDF of the process and a 15 minute session with Jennifer Urezzio to support you utilizing this tool as part of your regular manifestation process.

Investment is $33.00

You can also send me a payment via PayPal by  Just type mention in the comments Conscious Evaluation.


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