Business Soul Language ID


Your business is a part of you, yet has its own Soul, and if you are practicing the behaviors below, chances are your relationship with your business is misaligned.

Misaligned relationship behaviors:

  • It’s your way or the highway
  • You are afraid to course correct
  • You are not listening to the Soul of your business
  • You are on the D-List (devaluing, denying, discounting, etc.)
  • And, there are so many more…

How does this impact your business and life?

  • You are wondering who and where your community is
  • You’re falling just short of success
  • You surround yourself and your company with difficult, non-supportive relationships
  • You’re surviving not thriving
  • You are doubting your value and your talents
  • You are struggling with not enough (time, support, money, etc.)

When I started to understand the Soul Languages of my business, I let go of the power struggle and started to co-create with my business.

During this 60-minute session, you will learn the Soul Languages of your business and how your personal Soul Languages are interacting with your business's Soul Languages.

Having the Soul Languages of your business identified gives you a tool you can use to work with your metaphysical team on a daily basis.

You will have the tools to:

  • Understand and attract your community in a bigger way
  • Understand and operate on your definition of success
  • Understand that it is your right and you are enough to thrive and excel
  • Understand and embrace your talents and the talents and gifts of the business
  • Move into action and take this knowledge to the next level


Investment -- $400


To secure this session, individuals must already have their personal Soul Languages Identified. Haven't had your personal Soul Languages Identified yet? You can secure our combination program (both personal and business Soul Language Identifications).

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Jennifer has changed my life!

"Ever feel like someone just "gets" you? That's Jennifer! She helps me see patterns that have been holding me back for years. And she gives me tools to help me shift my focus and beliefs. Every area of my life and business have improved as a result of our work together. I am grateful beyond words."
Desiree Stafford,

Personal Soul Languages: Prophet (AQ), Teacher (AT), Driver (Tone)
Business Soul Languages: Prophet (AQ), Wanderer (AT), Outsider (Tone)

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