Create Your New Marketing Story

Marketing Is An Internal, Then An External Job

I sort of just fell into marketing and public relations really. Only as of late have I understood that this was the Divine preparing me to support myself and others in creating Soulful paradigms and businesses.

I was blessed. My marketing story was developed by marketers. I was taught by individuals that had blinders on so there was no other way but for the marketing to work. Failure was not an option. This environment created both positive aspects of my story and some not so positive ones also.

When I started my spiritually based business, I would choose not to talk marketing directly with clients. My expertise came out in sneaky ways: in helping them write their copy, creating programs, and supporting them in developing their key message points.

I had to change my marketing story . . . my belief that marketing was “icky” and if I talked about it was going to end up back in corporate America.

When I finally accepted that I’m not just good at marketing because of my former career, but I have a natural talent for it, I was able to open up whole new areas in business.

What Is The Purpose Of Marketing?

It’s important that you understand the difference between what marketing purpose really is and what you “believe” it is.  Marketing’s job is to identify a specific goal or need of a customer or client and express clearly the service or product that fulfills that need. If you do that consciously, then your marketing communicates and provides information to the buyer which allows them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Everything tells a story. What if your marketing isn’t the reason you don’t get the results you desire?  What if it’s actually your marketing story? This simple but profound tool will help you transform your marketing story so you aren’t getting in your own way when it comes to expressing your brand.

Investment: $42.00

“This creation of yours is brilliant…simple and easy to follow and yet powerful.

I love the idea of getting down on paper all that I am thinking about marketing and then taking a look at how to create a new story…getting that out on paper is not only like a brain dump, which creates some room for creation, but also allows me too see in front of me what I can create that is a new story….(takes the emotional charge out of the experience of block)

Then, I can feel how much better I feel writing a new story out on paper. It makes a difference to write it…when we do it without writing, it is more abstract.”

Laura Greco

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