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7 Ways to Use Soul Language In Your Everyday Life

One of the reasons why individuals have a hard time tapping into their Soul for wisdom is that most of us have never been taught how.  In school we learn deductive reasoning, we learned cooperation, and we learned how to be logical.  If you are on a spiritual path you have learned and had experiences that add to the ones from school, but there is still more!  You can have a more conscious connection with your Soul.  Soul Language is a way to create that conscious connection.  It is a very intangible thing, though at the same time also a very tangible thing.  I can share some of the experiences that other individuals have had connecting with their Souls (the intangible).  I also think it is important to learn how Soul Language can be incorporated into your everyday life.

In order to start manifesting in your life what you desire, you need both the intangible (the Soul) and the tangible (the body, or form of things).  Below is a list of 7 Ways to Use Soul Language in Your Everyday Life.

1. Create your “elevator speech”:

I have seen individuals break out into a sweat at networking meetings right before their turn to give their “elevator speech.”  Understanding your Soul Languages helps you to create that speech with ease and confidence from your Soul.  For example, I guide people to create balance for themselves (Equalizer – Axiom of Quest Language) through action (Graceful Warrior – Tone), integrity (Teacher of Integrity – Axiom of Translation), and courage (Graceful Warrior – Tone). Here’s another example, for an individual who speaks the Languages of the Pioneer (Axiom of Quest), the Purveyor (Axiom of Translation), and the Investigator (Tone).  “Hi, I’m __ and I help individuals investigate new roads and new areas of development, then provide them with the resources to take action.”

2. Create your strategy for self care:

Understanding why you do something is just as important as understanding why you are not doing something.  Self care is the key to creating the life you desire.  Most often our self care fails because we are trying to adopt someone else’s strategy for self care directly, instead of adapting it to our own needs.  For example, someone who speaks the Axiom of Translation Language (how you will be known here) of the Master doesn’t want to be concerned about the details.  If their self care strategy is filled with details, then they’re going to have a hard time following it!  Understanding your Soul Languages helps you to determine your own effective strategy for self care.

3. All in the family:

Most conflict in family relationships comes from a desire to love and protect the other person.  This can turn into one of those “I know what’s best for you” arguments.  You can use your Soul Languages to tap into the talents of your Soul to communicate more clearly and reduce conflict.  For example, certain Soul Languages (Tones: Captain, Graceful Warrior; Axiom of Quest: Matriarch/Patriarch, Gladiator; Axiom of Translation: Lawmaker, Problem Solver) tend to jump into action or problem-solving mode, and that can be misinterpreted by family members as “butting in” or “looking for a fight.”  Communication can help to break down these judgments, but it’s much easier when you know how you personally communicate.  Knowing your Soul can help you to communicate more clearly, and with the intention of unconditional love, so you can have more harmonious relationships.

4. Market your business:

Understanding your Soul Languages can help you express the talents of your Soul.  You can use key words from your Languages in your marketing materials to speak directly to those that are seeking YOU.  For example, someone who speaks the Axiom of Quest of the Mentor can lead with their gift in being able to guide others.  Another example is the skill of negotiation, which is fundamental to individuals who speak the Axiom of Quest of the Negotiator. There are several Languages where leadership is part of the definition.  For these, you may want to make sure that leadership is prominent in your marketing efforts.

5. Build your team:

There are companies using Soul Language to build powerful and effective teams.  Corporations have been using assessment tools for decades to determine how well people will work together.  Soul Language brings a Soulful approach to building a team, helping you to understand what motivates, what focuses and what challenges an individual, right down to their very Soul.

6. Create deeper, more respectful relationships:

When you understand and respect yourself, those feelings spill over into every relationship you have.  You will be naturally creating healthy boundaries and more balanced, health-productive relationships.

7. Create your action strategy:

Are you a big-picture person, or do you like the details?  Do you work best in partnership or collaboration?  When you give yourself permission to be who you are you it brings more focus and balance into your world.  Understanding your Soul Languages gives you the permission and the confidence to take action and create strategies that are true to who you are!

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