Mini Shift and Pray

We are all aware of the law that states: ask and it is given. And, sometimes the way we ask requires some support and help.

Sometimes all that is required is for someone to put into words what are heart’s desire is and to help us claim it.

I have learned that I have a skill when it comes to crafting prayers for people. And, when two or more gather to create a prayer, the energy is amplified, creating a more powerful focus for you and what you to desire to manifest.

For $10 here’s what is included:

  • Email Jennifer a brief note about what you want your prayer to cover and/or what has been impacting your receiving
  • Jennifer will create a personal prayer for you based on her intuitive abilities and your email

You will receive:

  • A written and audio prayer that is personally crafted for you by a master prayer writer

After prayer is secured. Jennifer will email you a question to support your brief description of what you would like to transform in your life.