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Coming Back After Money Broke Your Heart

Have you ever…
experienced not being able to pay your bills on time

  • gone through great financial loss?
  • had to ask for help with money and had shame around it?
  • broken trust in money transactions?
  • faced bankruptcy?

Or maybe you have…

  • had deep feelings of not receiving what you paid for.
  • felt like you are always robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • struggled in relationship with money all your life.
  • had addictive behaviors around money.

Or maybe you are fed up with……

  • that heart-wrenching feeling of not being able to afford the things you most desire or are in need of!

If you said YES to any of these, isn’t it time to heal your money heartbreak? CLICK here to secure your program.


The Butterfly Method

We all can get lost or stuck in the creative process.


  • there are just too many projects,
  • the results fall short of what we desire.
  • we just can’t bring life to our ideas,
  • we just can’t seem to birth any of our projects.
  • and sometimes, we can’t even get started on our projects.

Have you ever experienced  having too many projects going all at once and conducting busy work, just so you feel you are doing something?

I certainly have.

And that’s why I have created to The Butterfly Method to help myself and others align the creative process and bring more balance and Soul into the creative expression.

There are 4 stages of a butterfly and utilizing these four stages, you will understand where you are in the creative process and what gets to happen next. To learn more click here.

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