Your Sacred Practice

There are four parts to creating a Sacred Practice for your Spiritual Renegade foundation:

  1. Connection – This is about connecting to yourself and the Divine. You can do this via your Soul Language Team, meditation, or just set aside some one-on-one time for you to listen to the Divine.
  2. Conversation – This is all about asking and receiving answers. You can do this in that connection time, by journaling, or using any Divination tool.
  3. Commitment – This is about you dedicating yourself to listening, reflection, awareness and transformation.
  4. Embodiment (It kind of annoys me that it doesn’t start with a C, but I have given up on arguing with the Divine) – When you embody your transformation, you create transcendence. You have changed your cellular memory, and you are allowing all that Source energy to flow through every part of your being (and this will spill over into every part of your life).

Here’s your free video to support you creating a sacred practice:

We’d love to offer you an additional gift…

A complimentary Soul Language discovery session, where one of your three core-energies (Soul Languages) will be identified, click here for the calendar (please note you will have to enter a credit card, but nothing will be billed).

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