3 Ways To Choose Service Not Servitude

I define true service as sharing your gifts and talents with the intention to be of service to all involved (that means me).  I find the key to be of true service in my business is the belief that “I’m being loved, supported and provided for by the Universe.”  Also, to be of true service, I had to let go of people pleasing.  I also had to determine what I truly wanted and how I feel before saying yes to anything (this is an on-going process).  I trust that this tip will help you to see when you are in service or servitude.

1. The Intention Behind The Servicing

When you are getting ready to be of service, I suggest you pause and ask yourself what is the motivation behind this act of service.  Is it fear, need of approval, people pleasing, debt or obligation, etc…? Or is the motivation love, joy, happiness, etc.?

2. I Know My Intention Now What

After you have established your intention, if it is in those more sustaining intentions (love, joy, etc), then move forward and enjoy.  If it is the flip side, connect to your Soul and ask yourself, “What new choice can I make for myself in this situation?”

3. Seeing The Big Picture

Often we conduct an act of service out of obligation or debt. The first step is just to bring some awareness to those situations that you are acting out of debt instead of true service.  When you bring awareness to something, it already begins to change…I suggest making a list of all the “things” you are doing out of obligation and then check in with your Soul Language team to understand what you get to allow, let go of, or activate inside of you to make a different choice.

If you are interested in exploring your own Languages or offering that discovery to someone else, please secure a complimentary 15-minute private session.

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.

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