3 Ways to Receive

On Saturday night, I went to the founder of MetroMom, Kim DeYoung’s Great Women’s Gathering.

There were some amazing women at this event, including several really good friends of mine.

This tip is a direct result of that night.

Let me help. Blog Me!.

This is a time of giving. A lot of us, especially those that speak the Soul Language of the Nutrituer, main focus is of service that they sometimes forget to be on the receiving end.

In order to be a giver you MUST be a receiver. So it is important that we take time everyday to receive.

1. Ask For Help — Sometimes, as a Warrior, I have a hard time asking for help. Each one of us has a network of people who love us who want to show it. Set the intention to be given the help you need, even if you don’t know how to ask the question.

2. Listen to Your Heartbeat — Each one of us has what we need inside of us. Sometimes we try to drown it out with logic. You are receiving information all the time on what you need and what is in your best interest. Instruct yourself that you will take the time to start listening to the beat of your heart and receive the information that you desire.

3. Be Tender — Give to yourself, impress yourself with your own tenderness and giving abilities.

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