3 Ways to Stop Living in Fear

On Sunday, I was honored to be asked to attend a retreat hosted by two amazing women (Christine Clifton and Terri D’Angelo).
You have heard me discuss Christine before. She is my NIA teacher (a really amazing form of exercise). What was so amazing about this experience was there was no fear in the entire room. Just imagine that for a moment. Amazing!

They are the inspiration for this week’s tip.
3 Ways To Stop Living in Fear

We have all different words for fear: stress, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous, worry, and edgy (to name a few).

Fear is really tricky. It can control our lives without us even realizing what’s happening. I consider FEAR good. It is a sign that something needs to be realigned in your life.
I consider fear an opportunity to realign a pattern and/or do an action differently. If you don’t acknowledge and fully “feel” the sensation, it is impossible for you to make more appropriate choices for yourself.

Here are my suggestions on stopping fear.

1. Turn off the TV and Tune in to YOU — How much TV do you watch? When do you watch it? Settling down to watch the local news as a way to relax isn’t really serving your higher interest. Take that time to journal, read from an inspirational book, or listen to some inspiring music.
2. The Wake Up Call — A sure sign that something is up in your life is you lying awake at 3:00 in the morning. If this is happening to you: 1. Take a deep breath. 2. Keep a small notepad by your bed and write down what you are feeling and thinking. 3. Start at the bottom of your feet and slowing imagine calming blue light moving up your body. There is no fourth because you are asleep.
3. Stay in Your Zone — Find a good centering exercise and do it each morning. This will allow you to stay in your zone. If for any reason you feel out of your zone, throughout your day, repeat your exercise.

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