Beyond the Buck – Getting to the Deeper Meaning of Your Life’s Work – Guest Post by @MikiStrong

Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Partner Tone: Disillusionist
Business Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Nurturer Tone: Driver

Can you feel it? Times are changing and the way we do business is changing as well. We’re craving a deeper, more fulfilling experience when we invest our money in products and services – we’re looking for a richer, more meaningful outcome – we’re driven by a need to connect and contribute and make a difference.

And if you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or someone who is looking to make that leap into monetizing your soul’s purpose – your life’s work – then there’s cause for celebration because there’s no better time to step into the new paradigm of conscious entrepreneurship.

What is that? It’s a business whose focus is on collaboration instead of competition, lifting up instead of pushing down, and profiting instead of pilfering. It’s bringing your higher purpose, your message, your calling, that thing that drives everything you do, and expressing it in and through your business to reach more people, help more people, and make a greater difference in people’s lives.

I believe as conscious entrepreneurs that our businesses are an extension and expression of who we are. Our soul speaks through us, into the work we do … and it’s for a very specific reason: to contribute to the expansion and healing of humanity as we enter this age of wisdom.

But as conscious entrepreneurs, often we think of money as a 4-letter word (and not the good kind), thinking it’s not spiritual to charge for our services, or charge what we’re worth. The fact is, money IS a four-letter word – it’s “love” – an exchange of appreciation for the value you offer and the impact you make.

Own Your Value, Expand Your Reach

You have a message to share, a calling that is bursting at the seams to be heard, a contribution of purpose and meaning. And you want to expand your reach and affect more people, right?

Then you must own your value, and in doing so, value your clients and the people you serve.

I’m talking about VALUING yourself. Valuing what you offer. Valuing what you do for your clients. OWNING the results you help create for your clients and the IMPACT it has on their lives.

You can be sure you’re undervaluing yourself if you:

Give your services away for free
Over-deliver and then feel resentful that you’re not compensated for your extra effort
Under-charge for your services
Work too hard and feel drained even though this is your life’s work and you love it
Holding back with your clients because you’re afraid of what they’ll think or say
Feel out of alignment with yourself

When you take a stand for yourself and the incredible life-changing work you do (and you know you do), you can take a stand for your client and courageously support them in their transformation.

When you value yourself, you can truly value your clients with courage and strength. You charge what you’re worth, get better results for your clients, and share your time with your most ideal clients.

I’m guessing you’re doing the work you do because you can’t NOT do it, right? It’s your life’s work or something pretty close to that. If it comes from that place deep inside you, it means that’s the way you contribute the greatest service. There’s value in what you do. Value yourself.

Miki Strong is a Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist & Money Mentor helping women entrepreneurs to activate their inner courage a.k.a. “Rock their Moxie”. The result is inescapable momentum that comes from breaking through the blocks that are holding her back from earning what she’s worth. Miki’s passionate style of support and loving tell-it-to-ya-straight mentorship makes her the go-to gal for women who are ready to STEP UP, get moxie and stop playing small.


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