Business of Soul Telesummit – Accepting the Spotlight

My life over the last year has been about awareness and allowing myself to be more of myself. A big part of that was accepting my role in the spotlight. So the birth of The Business of Soul – Accepting the Spotlight was born.

What I also found was spiritual leaders have a “hard time” with the spotlight. We have all these non-sustainable beliefs around what that means. This creates problems in our lives and our businesses.

I wanted to provide the space for some of the leading individuals that are operating consciously on accepting and being in the spotlight. I wanted you to hear the stories, the tools and the gifts they bring to this subject.

When I began telling others about this topic, I heard wow, I have goose bumps or you just gave me chills. See, the Divine does know what it’s doing.

Once you secure your place in this powerful experience, you will begin to notice our the Universe is conspiring to support you and your role in the spotlight.

I suggest you listen to one speaker a day (you can the audios are up for 30 days – FREE). This way you can integrate the information easily and gracefully.

A couple of things to keep in mind: this telesummit is COMPLETELY FREE , you will be introduced to powerful individuals that are on their journey of faith, discovery, accpetance and truth. These individuals are:

  • Leaders and healers in their fields of expertise
  • Innovators and frontrunners
  • Visionaries
  • Service oriented

There are a total of 107 different Soul Languages.  Today, we have individuals who are: (you can read more about the individual Languages by clicking here):

Axiom of Quest (Mission Language)

Counselor, Equalizer, Matriarch, Mentor, Negotiator, Observer, Peacemaker, Pioneer, Politician, Prophet and Significator

Axiom of Translation (Fuel of your Mission Language)

Heart Conscious, Image Maker, Huntress, Lawmaker, Master, Monk, Motivator, Nurturer, Purveyor, Sextant, Sun, Teacher of Integrity and Wanderer.

Tone (Soulful Personality)

Capitalist, Collaborator, Closer, Conductor, Connoisseur, Deliberator, Diplomat, Enchantress, Evolver, Graceful Warrior, Heartfelt Artist, Industrialist, Intellect, Investigator, Olympian, Outsider, and Speaker of God.

During the telesummit, you will have a virtual front row seat to hear from individuals who are utilizing their purpose and Soul Language(s) to live in their truth and in their own spotlight.

These interviews will help you to:

  • Understand your vision and purpose
  • Determine your actions
  • Create from the heart and soul
  • Implement with integrity
  • Develop supportive relationships
  • Build a relationship with yourself and what you call the Divine
  • Open up your receiving
  • Allow you to connect with heart not fear to yourself and others
  • Allow you to understand what spotlight means to you and your role in the spotlight
  • Create a deep sense of safety and peace within you
  • Allow you to be in the world differently, more powerfully and with more grace
  • And, if you choose, move further into this journey of discovery with your choice of powerful spiritual experts

Each interview will be filled with content-rich material, inspirational stories, and tangible examples on how they are using their Soul (via their Soul Languages) to create a life, a business and a world that generates peace, happiness and abundance for all.

Each day you will receive notifications that a new speaker’s audio is available. You will also receive a PDF of affirmations from the speakers. These are affirmations that we use to create a live of grace, power and happiness.

This telesummit will allow you to understand the different Languages, understand your own Language better, and hear personal stories about how these leaders have come through the other side of problems and issues that you might be facing, in regards to the spotlight.

There are four other unique features for this telesummit:

  • NO INVESTMENT to participate and to keep listening to the audios.  In fact, each audio will stay up on the site for 30 days!

This way you can listen at your leisure, listen again to those individuals who inspire you, and determine what actions you wish to take to create the life and business you desire.

  • Affirmation PDF – Each speaker as submitted their personal favorite affirmation that they have created and use themselves.
  • Soulful Complimentary Offering. Each speaker has graciously created an offering which can be accessed via the Business of Soul Telesummit personal speaker’s page.
  • Soulful Offering for Expansion. Each speaker is offering you special access to their powerful material, so you can go deeper in your own expansion.

Click here for the list of speakers and topics.

There is only one requirement from you to sign up below…If you are interested in receiving the wisdom of leaders and healers in the country.

We apologize this event is closed at this time.

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