Working for Peanuts – Choosing The Right Clients So You’re Not Energetically Bankrupt

The reason master coaches, healers, and service-oriented individuals burn out in their business is because they are not protecting their energetics and have an unhealthy emotional relationship with their clients, their business, and their money. They end up working for peanuts and becoming energetically exhausted.

Your business is designed to provide you with a delivery system for your sacred purpose and abundance.

How many times have you heard that business isn’t personal? It is personal.

But your business can only provide you with what you put into it. If the energy you are giving your business is pain and programming, then that is what you will receive from it.

Get Ready To Create Structures That Support A Thriving Business

If you haven’t created a structure to support healthy client relationships, receive in your business, understand your own energetics and the energetics of the business – at some point you’ll want to give it all up because you will be energetically bankrupt, and most likely not running a sustainable business.

This three-part master program is geared towards the master healer and coach to support your energetics, the energetics of your business, and your ability to create a client community that adores and pays you – but more importantly, a community that you like.

As with anything I’ve done with Jennifer this is another deeply profound experience. Full of moments of clarity and new awareness, it’s such an amazing journey. I love how Jennifer really sees me and each person. The feeling of completeness with every meeting. If anyone said they were thinking about working with Jennifer I would say don’t hesitate.

Jill Brown

As a master healer you can love anyone, but liking your clients provides a sense of freedom, excitement, and passion for your business. Creating a sustainable business provides you with the knowing that you are free to say “no”, and “yes”, with ease.

What will these online master classes cover?

  • Why you need energetic boundaries
  • What your energetic boundaries’ triggers are
  • How your life and business are being impacted
  • Why you don’t keep your energetic boundaries
  • How to maintain your boundaries and live a happier work-life
  • Setting up your healing service-based business so it supports you
  • Utilizing your energy to receive more
  • How to determine the “right” clients for you
  • Finding a tribe that adores you, and that you adore

The details:

  • 1 audio and 1 video class on What Are Energetic Boundaries, Why Do We Need Them And What Are Your Triggers?
  • 1 audio and 1 video class on How To Keep Your Energetic Boundaries To Support A Life And Business That Thrives
  • 1 audio and 1 video class on How To Select Your Tribe And Clients So It Aligns And Supports A Flourishing Life And Business



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