Soul Language is an amazing tool for creating a conscious connection between you and your Soul, so you have a deep understanding of your mission and you know your talents to fuel that mission. When you understand your Soul Languages, it is like opening up a book and reading all about yourself. Now, imagine having that same knowledge about your life partner. How would this information impact the way you relate?

By having your Soul Languages identified, you and your partner will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain profound insight about each other
  • Understand what each of you needs to feel loved, accepted and supported
  • Experience a deep sense of acceptance about your and your partner’s unique nature
  • Strengthen your connection with each other
  • Improve communication
  • Have a deeper level of compassion for yourself and for your partner
  • Experience a deeper clarity about why you were brought together

Knowing our Soul Languages has taken our relationship to another level. There is much more appreciation when you understand each other in this deep way. – Donnie & Kathy Miller

More client testimonials are available here.

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Soul Language Packages

Couples Package
Includes: Two 60 Minute Soul Language Identification Sessions

Family Package
Includes: Four 60 minute Soul Language Identification Sessions

Parents can give their permission to have their children’s Soul Languages identified.  After you purchase your package you will receive an email to schedule your sessions.


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