Create Your Own Prayer Kit Materials

I’m so excited you have chosen to learn about the powerful process of affirmative prayer.

Included is all that you need to create your first prayer.

Here’s why prayer, or as I call it, praise, is so important:

  • Prayers are the answer to manifesting and receiving what you desire
  • They allow you to bring the intangible to the tangible
  • They allow you to step into power and out of lack

How to Create Your Powerful Prayer

  • Recognition
  • Unification
  • Declaration
  • Gratitude
  • Release

Sample Prayer

  • Recognition – There is only one Source. I call this unlimited love and source of the Universe the Divine.
  • Unification – This Source is in everything in the Universe and so I am this Source. What is true for this Source is also true for me.
  • Declaration – Today, my life is full of ease and freedom. This deep sense of ease and freedom is reflected back to me in my finances, my relationships, and in my creative expressions.
  • Gratitude – I walk in gratitude today for this deep knowledge of Source and knowing that I am supported. I simply say thank you for the ease and freedom in my life.
  • Release – I know that I can let go and allow the Universe to deeply support me. In letting go, I allow the Universe to conspire for me today and every day.

Go further in tapping into your own creative power around prayers/praise:

  • Mini Shift and Pray Session – If you are a fast-moving transformational person,  sometimes you need support and a quick powerful tool that you can use to shift and create something new in your life. In this program, Jennifer Urezzio, master prayer writer, creates a personalized prayer for you based on what you desire in the current moment.
  • XXXI – A Divinely inspired program created by Jennifer, master prayer writer, for those wishing to establish or enhance their sacred prayer practice.
  • Power of Prayer – A six-week program that supports your ability to become a master prayer writer and manifestor. If you are interested in this program, please join the waiting list by clicking here. and you will be notified of the start date for the next class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at And, remember to join The Power of Prayer Facebook group.

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