Create Your Own Prayer Kit

I get bored easily. I have been known to turn off a movie close to the end because I lost interest in it, or to stop reading a book in mid-sentence.

What is so wonderful is that this capacity has supported me all my life to create amazing practices that are flexible and really help me connect to myself, my Soul and the Divine.

Practices like meditation, prayer, and chanting have been around for so long because they work! When these tools are used, the benefits are so significant that individuals are motivated to stick with them.

I first began praying and praising several years ago. For me, affirmative prayer is a way of remembering and declaring our wholeness and completeness, and focusing our energy to bring thought into form.

This practice reminds us that we are whole and complete, and that is both freeing and empowering.

The original reason I started praying, praising, and practicing affirmative prayer was because I was suffering.  I felt alone and not enough. Those feelings and beliefs were making their mark in my life. The turning point came when I realized that through deep connection and prayer, my life both internally and externally was changing and I liked it! I really liked it! Without connection and affirmative prayer, I would have been curled up on my couch overeating and having pity parties several times over the past few years

Included in this kit is all you “need” to get started writing your own prayers. All the information on the structure of affirmative prayer is in an audio and PDF, plus I have included one of my own prayers to get you started.

Here’s why prayer, or as I call it, praise, is so important:

  • Prayers are the answer to manifesting and receiving what you desire
  • They allow you to bring the intangible to the tangible
  • They allow you to step into power and out of lack


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