How To Trust Your Message and Make a Living Creating a Movement

Your message is what drives your movement, your business and community engagement.

For those of you that have the Soul Languages of Prophet, Messenger, Enchantress/Enchanter, Matriarch/Patriarch, Pioneer, and Politician, this is especially important.

What would it feel like and what would it create if your message was clear? The first part of expressing a clear message is acceptance and the second is knowing that you are safe to do so…

Your message must resonate from you with the frequencies of love, self-worth, security and wholeness. In other words, if you have core beliefs that conflict with these truths (and we all do) it will be harder for your community to “hear” your message – because you don’t hear it.

When you embody your message, people notice!

During this class you will discover:

  • What is your message
  • What structure your message requires
  • What core belief will sustain you and the movement
  • A deeper understanding of the message of the movement
  • A way to move into a new level of trust with your message
  • How your truth, the message and your voice are all tied together
  • How to feel a deep sense of peace being the message of the movement
  • How to receive from the movement without guilt, shame or fear
  • How to stay grounded in your message

This class is for you if…

  • You have trouble hearing or expressing your own message
  • You feel afraid or fearful expressing your Divine voice
  • You feel weighed down by having to know every part of the structure
  • You feel paralyzed by responsibility And, whatever else the Divine has cooked up for us….
  • You have trouble trusting yourself
  • You feel unsupported
  • You feel like you don’t have a community
  • You feel like you are always giving and not receiving
  • You feel misunderstood
  • You are confused about what message you offer

Class details:

– 90 minutes

– Monday, November 30th at 9:00 am PT/10:00 am MT/11:00 am CT/noon ET

– There will be a downloadable replay link sent after class

Investment: $22


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