The Way of the Warrior

Do You Feel Like you always have to
fight for what you want?

There Are Over 20 Limiting Patterns of Warrior Energy
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Lately, I have had a lot of requests and Divine signs to offer my program which focuses on individuals who have the warrior energy in their Soul.  This might be a warrior Soul Language, or just a deep feeling within you that you have the warrior nature.

In my younger days, I resisted and resisted, which then caused struggle in my life. Through conversations with the Divine, I created tools and practiced consciousness to support my warrior energy. In acceptance and surrender there is a great deal of power.

With 2018 being a year of unification, it is time, especially for women, to embrace this warrior nature and utilize its pure consciousness and grace.

This program is designed to create a “way” for you to accept, acknowledge and utilize your gifts as a warrior for your own sustainability and happiness. Often this is a part of you that you have been judging, that you have been told is “wrong” or “bad”, and that you have been using to inflict suffering on yourself.

It is time for radical internal transformation of the warrior energy. It is my intention that the elements of this program WILL support that transformation.

What does conscious sustainable warrior energy look like in “everyday life”?

  • You will know and operate from the belief that the Divine has your back and your life will reflect this belief
  • You will let go of trying to prove yourself and claim your value, your power and your place in the world
  • You will act and connect from a deep sense of connection and peace
  • You will operate from knowing the solution instead of focusing on how to fight the problem
  • You will have an ongoing process to let go of the conflicts that arise in you
  • You will be able to express anger in an appropriate  way and be heard
  • You will create relationships based on truth, support and what you desire
  • You will be able to ask for help and receive it
  • You will make decisions based on trust not fear or “to win”
  • You will create a life full of ease
  • You will create a life of focus and purpose
  • You will create a life with less drama and conflict
  • You will stop reliving your past and create in the present
  • You will define what leadership means to you and have the tools to be that leader

Group Program with Personal One-On-One Sessions with Jennifer Urezzio

It is my intention to offer deep healing of the following limiting structures, which are the themes for our group calls:

Never Leave A Man Behind Syndrome –
How often, as a warrior, do you feel that you need to carry the weight of the world?

How many relationships are you currently in because you don’t want anyone to be left alone or afraid?

How many times do you put everyone else first before deciding what you need or desire?

How many times do you bend over backwards to support the unsupportable?

Why do we do it? Because we believe that individuals will die or be alone if we don’t help them, and that creates pain and suffering in our hearts.

Must Make War In Order To Get What I Want And Need Syndrome –
Warriors have great strength, and in order to “get what we desire”, we have the need to create conflict within ourselves and with others to achieve our heart’s desire.

We often feel that surrender and vulnerability will lead to our destruction.

And,often, when we do surrender, there is a sense of failure and still not getting what we desire.

Lone Wolf Syndrome –
Even when we do ask for help, we still feel like we need to do it all alone. We are afraid that if we don’t do it, it won’t get done. If we are creating from this pattern with individuals, then we are creating from this pattern with the Divine.

If We Stay Still We Will Die Syndrome –
Radical transformation takes stillness and many conscious warriors have overcome this stillness challenge and yet…feel that we always need to be in action to create something better or new in our lives. There is still fear around the warrior energy of being still.

It is time for us to embrace the action in the stillness to create the life that we desire.

I Rebel Against Authority Syndrome –
As warriors, we can often see where leaders create havoc and pain for others. So we rebel against leadership and authority and use this rebellion as sabotage for not accepting our leadership roles.


Six Learning/Healing Group Calls –
These learning calls are important, because the tools and structure to heal the syndromes will take place during these audios that you can listen to time and time again. You will receive one call per week for six weeks.

Two 30-Minute One-on-One Sessions  –
This is where we get down and dirty into your warrior behavior and how you approach each syndrome.

Program Materials –
There will be handouts, practice sheets and videos for each of the learning/healing group classes.

Class Details:
– Wednesday, January 10th – Wednesday, February 7th

– 4:00 pm Pacific//5:00 pm Mountain//6:00 pm Central//7:00 pm Eastern
– All calls recorded
– Personal sessions scheduled at times that are convenient for you

Investment: $400