Understanding Your Sacred Mission

What is a sacred platform or mission? In very simple terms, it is the spiritual and divinely inspired message that you are here to experience and share with others.

Understanding your sacred platform or sacred mission provides you with:

  • a foundation to create from
  • an understanding of your message
  • a sense of clarity to attract your community
  • a deep sense of safety

I believe this knowledge (your sacred platform or mission) is already inside of you and inside the Soul of your business. For me, it’s about conversation, consciousness and consistency (focus).

I’m inviting you, coach, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, healer, master intuitive, to have a conversation with your Soul to understand your sacred platform.

During this interactive complimentary class we will:

  • ask the Soul questions to understand and develop your sacred platform
  • understand deeper ways to create a conscious connection with your Soul and help your clients with their connection
  • start to accept in a deeper way your sacred mission

This class is about connecting with what you truly know inside of you, putting it into words and expressing it through divinely inspired action.

Noticing how you are led by spirit is a practice and connecting with your Soul is your right. The class is loaded with tools to support that. We will briefly discuss next step options for both you and your clients.

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Understanding Your Sacred Mission
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