Expeditions in Faith – Being Consciousness About Control

The structure of control gives humans the illusion that we are safe. The only way we can truly feel safe is from the inside out. If you don’t feel safe internally, then you will always be looking over your shoulder or be on the look out for the falling anvil. Allowing yourself to surrender control and feel the peace in that absolute is bliss. It allows you to breathe again with ease.

Create a conscious connection with your Soul Language team and ask these conversation starters:

“What am I currently trying to control in my life and why?”

“Who am I currently trying to control in my life and why?”

“If I knew I was safe and supported, how would I act and be differently?”

Then, write down what fully and completely you are handing over to the Divine (without fear and without doubt). After you write down what you are letting go of, consider it done and completed.

Action Steps: I would love to hear your answers and you can share them in the community or on the Facebook page, Expeditions in Faith.

Do you feel you need more tools?  I invite you to The Year of Consciousness.

If you are interested in exploring your own Languages or offering that discovery to someone else, please secure a complimentary 15-minute private session.

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.

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