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My new FAVE television show is called Visionaries: Inside The Creative Mind and you can find it on Oprah’s new network OWN. Have you seen it?

I recently watched an episode featuring acclaimed fashion designer Tom Ford (that’s him in the photo, cute right?)… I think this man could be the purest embodiment of MAGIC that I’ve ever seen.

There were many things about Tom Ford that wowed me. Yes, he has REMARKABLE talent, yes he has remarkable vision and yes he has style. But the thing I loved most about him was the way he danced with every project they viewed him working on as if it was the only project he was working on. Sometimes you saw him, scissors in hand, fine-tuning a new dress design and other times you saw him with a camera in his hand shooting photos for a magazine story Vogue was doing on him.

He was very INVOLVED… hands on.

Here’s what he said about that, which gave me chills.

“If I have fun when I’m designing something, if I love it and I’m passionate about it, you can actually transfer that to whatever you’re working on and a woman flipping through a rack will stop and say, “wow, that looks cool, I’m going to try that on.”

“…you can actually TRANSFER that…”

What do you think he meant?

I believe I know exactly what he meant. Everything in our lives in ENERGY and the cool thing about energy is you can INFUSE energy into your creations. Did you know that?

That’s why (and many of you have heard me say this before) it’s of the UTMOST importance that everything you create in your business is something YOU LOVE AND ADORE!

Right now, today, I want you to pause for a moment, take a step back and look at your business. Look for what you love, what you don’t love and those things you’re unsure about… then do something radical: consider getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely love and even the things you’re not sure about.

Doing so may make you nervous because you might be left with what appears to be very little. HOWEVER, the one or two or three things that are left, IF YOU LOVE THEM, will be filled with the right kind of energy to build on!

Your business is a reflection of you and the BEST part of you is your heart.

Don’t leave it out when you build your business, OK? It’s your HEART energy – you’re LOVE – that will send your unique vibration into the universe.

I know you get what I’m saying…

Now, go inject love into something and see what happens!

Cari Vollmer, The Passion into Profit Mentor, teaches women entrepreneurs around the world the HOW TO and MAGIC of attracting more clients, money and recognition doing the exact work they are here on earth to do!

Cari is a gifted coach and mentor with a unique ability of SEEING what her clients can’t see for themselves, including their Core Brilliance. She has a remarkable sense of what gets in her clients’ way of achieving success, both strategically and in regards to their mindset.

Cari’s PASSIONS include: 1. helping her clients SEE what makes them remarkable and unique so they can build a truly “one of its kind” authentic, purposeful and profitable business; 2. helping her clients create simple and strategic “client attractive” plans that get RESULTS; and 3. creating a space for her clients to listen to, hone and trust their intuitive business building instincts.

Cari inspires her clients to embrace their brilliance and step into their good fortune with gusto!  To receive Passion Into Profit’s no charge Success Kit visit

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