Find Your Connection – Tuning Into Your Own Consciousness To Receive

Why a virtual video series? That was my question when the Divine proposed I create a video summit featuring all of the Soul Language practitioners focusing on a dedicated topic: consciousness and receiving.

The first response I received made me laugh. . . hard: “because I said so”.  After that, the deeper, truer answers came flowing in:

  • Soul continues to need a platform
  • Everyone can use more tools and consciousness around receiving .  .  .  everyone
  • It is important that people understand the unique gifts of using their Soul

You can choose a different telesummit or video series every day, so why should you listen to this one?

First, because this series embodies a vision of what the Divine wants to share about your own consciousness and receiving.  And, because we have gathered 14 master healers all using the same paradigm (Soul Language) and the same language, yet each with a different voice and perspective.

Unlike other video series which are mainly about the speaker with a little topic thrown in, this one is all about the topic. We are content-rich leaders. We want you to walk away with tools and insights that you can begin to implement in your life immediately!

Here are details so you can set aside time to join us:

Find Your Connection – Tuning into Your Own Consciousness To Receive virtual video series will be released over 3 days (September 11, 12, 13).

Each session is 30 minutes. You can participate LIVE or watch using the replay link. There are no limits on this series.  No expiration date or limit to how many times you can watch these videos. We hope and suggest that you keep the links and utilize them when you require support or a shift in consciousness.

AND, each speaker will be providing an amazing downloadable free gift which will give you additional support whenever you need or desire it.

Click here for a list of our wonderful speakers and their specific topics about consciousness and receiving.

This series if for you if you wish to:

  • Raise your consciousness
  • Open up and receive more
  • Establish a more conscious connection to your Soul

We trust you will enjoy this series and find a deeper connection with your own consciousness and Soul.  Thank You.