FAQs About Soul Language

What is a Soul Language Identification?

It is a session where your three Soul Languages are identified via muscle testing or kinesiology -- a tool that allows us to quickly and accurately tap into the body’s innate knowledge.

What's the difference between Soul Language and Human Design?

Soul Language and Human Design both offer unique insights into personal and spiritual growth, but they have different approaches and strengths. Soul Language focuses on identifying and understanding your soul's core essence through three distinct "languages." This helps in fostering direct, personal connections with one's inner wisdom and divine nature, aimed at enhancing intuitive abilities and creating a personalized path to spiritual fulfillment and clarity in life's purpose.

In contrast, Human Design combines elements from astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a genetic map that reveals how a person is designed to navigate the world, make decisions, and interact with others. It's more about understanding one's biological and energetic blueprint.

The superiority of one system over the other can depend greatly on what resonates more with an individual and what they are looking to achieve in their personal development journey. Soul Language could be considered superior for those seeking a deep, personalized spiritual connection and ways to express their soul's mission, while Human Design might appeal to those interested in a more structured system that explains how they are built to function in various aspects of life.

Do I need to know how to muscle test?

No, Jennifer will ask your permission before the session begins, and she uses her body to connect with your Soul to receive via a body yes/no response.

How was Soul Language created?

The information was received via guidance. Several years ago, Jennifer Urezzio was at a conference, looking around at the other attendees and wondering why she connected instantly with some while she didn’t feel compelled to speak to others.  She asked the Universe, “How can I attract more people like these?” The answer she received was, “You speak the same language.”

That answer led to the paradigm of Soul Language. Some of the early work on Soul Language was done in conjunction with Tonya Joy, and Jennifer Urezzio continued developing the Soul Language paradigm into what it is today. She is still actively developing and refining the practice.

Do your Soul Languages ever change?

No. Think of them like the fingerprints of your Soul.

Can you conduct a Soul Language session over the phone?

Yes.  In fact, I have clients all over the globe. Think of humans as energy points on a big grid.  I just focus on that energy point.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session with Jennifer Urezzio?

It is suggested to come prepared for the phone or in-person session with at couple of questions you would like insight or guidance about.

What might I expect from a session?

During a session, you can expect insight and guidance about issues and the tools and resources to help create a shift.  This will help you achieve maximum results in your life.

What sorts of clients use Soul Language?

Know Soul’s Language attracts people who want to know their purpose who are done playing small and pretending and a ready to put themselves out there. We work with a lot of individuals in transition as well as business leaders. We also work with coaches with private clients, teach group classes, and work with metaphysical coaches and transformational leaders.

How can Soul Language help me at work?

By understanding your Soul Languages, you will be able to work better with your team. You’ll find it easier to communicate, and work will get done more easily and effectively. If you’re a manager or business owner, you can learn to become a better leader, and if you’re a leader in training, you’ll gain important insights that can help you achieve your goals.

How can Soul Language help me in my relationships and family life?

Relationships fail (whether it is romantic or a partnership) because we conduct most of the relationship with that other person in our heads, we don’t ask for want we want, and we spend half the time not being ourselves. Know Soul’s Language provides the answers to obtaining your best possible relationship and family situation.

By learning about your Soul Languages and others’ Soul Languages, you can understand each other better and know what you can count on each other for. You won’t ask yourself “Why does he or she keep acting that way?” and you’ll be able to better communicate honestly and openly to build the relationship and family life that you really want.

What does an intuitive healer do?

An intuitive healer works with the spirit and nature to provide insight, guidance and healing for others.

What does being "intuitive" mean?

To me, being intuitive means listening to the inner knowledge or "gut feelings."  As an intuitive for others I feel their guides and teachers and communicate with them in order to provide insight for that person.  Sometimes it feels like plucking an idea out of the air, sometimes I see words on a blackboard, sometimes I see an image.

Can I learn how to use my intuitive abilities?

Yes. We all have intuitive abilities. Some of us just work the muscle more than others.  To start working the muscle you need to set your intention to be aware more to the inner guidance system. I also teach group and one-on-one classes on this topic.

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