Increase Your Prosperity – Break Free From Money Trauma

Money trauma impacts our daily relationship with money and our bank account whether the original trauma happened directly to you or in your ancestral lineage. And, once trauma happens, there’s a good chance that it will keep repeating itself until we resolve it.

Money trauma can happen from huge and impactful moments like:

  • bankruptcy
  • not being able to pay bills
  • being unable to give others the resources you want
  • continually over-spending inheritances or gifts
  • being laid off
  • not being paid on a contract
  •  someone stealing from you. 

Or money trauma can happen from “death of a thousand cuts” type moments: 

  • unexpected bills always coming in right after a large influx of money
  •  not keeping good track of your money so there is continual low level worry about what is coming in the mail
  •  feeling less than others because they bring in more money
  • And a million other reasons…

When we have money trauma in our experience, we may do one of many things:

  • Begin to associate any kind of money transaction with the kind of pain we experienced during the money trauma
  • Constant worry, fear, anxiety around money
  • Refusing to “look” at your money because it’s easier to ignore than to create a structure
  • Feeling powerless on the topic of money, like you just cannot quite get a hold and control your money
  • No matter how much we have in the bank, it is never enough
  • Consistent under-earning

The bottom line to your bank account is that you accidentally limit your ability to either receive money or be able to have it in your experience long enough to use it as a resource with joy.

You don’t have to live with the trauma. 

You are invited to:

Increase Your Prosperity – Break Free From Money Trauma

During this three-week interactive series, each 70-minute class will explore your money trauma, your self-created trauma around money (because you have worried and judged yourself), and your ancestral money trauma with three internationally known subject matter experts: Jennifer Bloome, Jennifer Urezzio, and Monique E. Hunt.

The intention and purpose of this series are to provide you with a clean slate in your relationship with money so you know how to create and receive trauma-free.

Elements of the series:

Week I – Exploring the Trauma and how to use Soul to release it

  • Understanding the two different types of trauma and learning to release that suffering

Week II – Clean Slate

  • Creating a clean slate between you and money
  • Identify and clear trauma that has happened in this current lifetime

Week III – Ancestral and Karmic Money Trauma

  • Understanding and releasing generational trauma and cultural money wounds
  • Clear Karmic Money Stories and that have been impacting you and your family for multiple generations so you can experience a healthy relationship with money

Series details – Classes are:

  • Interactive and will be recorded and sent to all participants
  • On Mondays, March 15, 22, 29 at 1:00 PT, 2:00 MT, 3:00 CT, 4:00 ET
  • Via Zoom (link and phone number for call-ins will be provided after registration)
  • 70-minutes each in duration

Investment: $250.00

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