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Soul Language Identification Session – $375

This 60-minute phone session will reveal your three Soul Languages, why they are important, what they mean, how you’re using them and how you can start using them to create success in your life. You will get an audio recording of your session as well as written definitions and meaning of your three Soul Languages.

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The Spiritual Renegade Platform – Creating The Foundation For A Life of Innovation and Abundance– $440 a month for 2 months

What’s a Spiritual Renegade? Click here to take the survey to see if you are a Spiritual Renegade.

A program that offers renegades support for their innovation and help them create a more profound connection to receive…

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Our Products

Audio CD – Aligning Soul — Unveiling Intuition – $9.99

With guided exercises and meditations this Audio CD is perfect for the novice who wants to begin to development their intuitive abilities. The meditations on the audio also provided practice intuitive and healers the chance to go further into their abilities.

Included on this $9.99 CD are the following:

  • Working Your Intuitive Muscle Instruction and Exercises – listeners will understand how psychic abilities work and ways to start building on their innate psychic ability
  • Alignment Meditation – this meditation helps you become more focused and provides you a way to center yourself.
  • Metaphysical Support Team Meditation – listeners will be given a meditation to help introduce them to their Angels, Guides and Teachers and the metaphysical team that surrounds them everyday providing loving and helpful information.

Essential Oils Store

To purchase Young Living essential oils visit our essential oils store…and be sure to use our member number: 817423. If you need personal essential oil help, please contact us at: jennifer@knowsoulslanguage.net.

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