Sacred Partnership

One of the most powerful ways humans evolve on this planet is through relationships. When Souls come together in a sacred partnership, a third essence is created, the Sacred Partnership  Soul (SPS).  When these individuals interact with each other and with the world together, they are expressing via this third essence and, depending on the level of consciousness, using that energy to create sustainability or to create struggle.

With the gift of Soul Language, we can identify the Languages of the Sacred Partnership Soul to help provide an understanding of how both parties can create less struggle and greater (OR enhance) sustainability.

In understanding the Soul Languages of the Sacred Partnership of a couple, parent/child, friendship or a collaboration partnership, it allows the individuals to create a relationship that is full of support, trust and power.

The Soul Languages of a Sacred Partnership can be identified with each party’s permission by a certified Soul Language Practitioner who specializes in Sacred Partnerships.

Prerequisite: each individual in the Sacred Partnership must have their Personal Soul Languages already identified.

Investment: $697 (includes two personal Soul Language IDs and the Sacred Partnership ID)*

*If Personal Soul Language Identifications have already been conducted, please the investment is: $312. Please telephone (862-368-5877) or you can email Jennifer Urezzio at


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