Spiritual Leadership Program

What if being a Spiritual Leader Could be Easier…

I know personally how overwhelming having a big message can be. I also am aware that upon sensing we have a big message, we can move into the following feelings:

  • Who am I to have this message?
  • What if I let the Divine down?
  • What if no one accepts or likes my big message?
  • I just don’t know how to do what I can sense.
  • People will think I’m crazy!
  • How can I deliver my big message in a way people will understand and accept?

And we can judge all these feelings, which doesn’t create ease. We feel lost in our lives and our business. We feel frustrated, doubtful and confused by the contrast between what we sense/know and what we see before us.

Over the last several years, I have been working privately with individuals to provide them the space to step fully into their spiritual leadership and to move through confusion to a higher level of consciousness.

I want to introduce you to and invite you into the Spiritual Leadership Program. This fun and intense one-on-one program will provide you with the opportunity to experience:

  • A renewed sense of faith, trust and connection
  • A deep sense and acceptance of how you lead and who you lead
  • An understanding of your spiritual platform, the work you’re here to do, and how to express it to others
  • A system for determining and taking the appropriate next steps
  • A reliable way to turn toward and focus on your truth
  • A new sense of acceptance of you, your unique nature, and your path
  • A deeper level of compassion for yourself and for others
  • A deeper clarity about how to market your services
  • An understanding of your “life lesson” and how to use it to your advantage
  • A clearer vision of yourself and your work
  • A deep sense of knowing you are ENOUGH!
  • And, most importantly, you will know how to express all that internal richness through external actions that create more of what you desire in your life and your business

Want to experience a little bit of Jennifer and the Spiritual Leadership Program? Click here for the video series.

The Steps to Ease – Elements of the Spiritual Leadership Program

 This 3-month accelerated program is for the leaders, healers and individuals who are READY to expand into Spiritual Leadership. You are powerful and require someone with compassion and strength to support you and collaborate with you as a leader.

Recently, someone shared with me how painful feeling lost in their own life and business was for them. They also shared how knowing their Soul Languages (both personal and business) created the space for clarity and vision once more.

Soul Language Identification
60-minute session where your 3 personal Soul Languages are identified, explained and a conscious connection is established

Business Soul Language Identification
60-minute session where your 3 business Soul Languages are identified, explained and a conscious connection is established

3 sessions
60-minute one-on-one sessions to create and be your spiritual leadership.

Hand Analysis (you will receive an email from me introducing you to Peggie Arvidson)
Written hand analysis and 60-minute consultation to deepen your understanding of your life purpose and your life challenge

Success Support Program
One group call per month (always recorded)
Access to me on Language Thursdays via email

Intuitive 911
Access to me 24/7 when you require additional support or guidance

Investment: $840 per month for three months

If you would like to pay for the program in-full; that investment rate is: $2,400.00

Jennifer has rocked my world. In a good way. I get on the phone with her thinking that I really don’t have that much to chat about, and we end up hitting a vein of really juicy good stuff that transforms me, my business, my life. She is one of the most responsive practitioners I’ve ever worked with, and her concrete/real world applications of spiritual connection make her one of my top go-to resources as I navigate life and business decisions. Love her

Lauren Fritsch
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Significator, AT: Nurturer, and Tone: Deliberator
Business Soul Languages(s): AQ: Observer, AT: Messenger, and Tone: Closer

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