Legalize Freedom

Toward the end of each year, I pull an animal medicine card. This year’s card is Eagle, which is all about soaring with spirit. There was a line in the definition that threw me – legalize freedom.

What Does Legalize Mean?

What does it mean to legalize freedom? I turned to the dictionary to see if I had adapted a definition of the word legalize that was not accurate. And, then it hit me as I read the definition “to sanction”. Have I truly been sanctioning my freedom – which is my greatest desire, or have I been ever so slightly restricting it?

I began observing where I thought or felt that I was inhibited. And guess what? There was a lot of my life where I was holding myself back. The biggest place I was impeding myself was in my relationship with the Divine.

Unconditional is Conditional

The term unconditional is a sneaky one. By placing this label on a relationship, it still puts a circle of conditions around it. If I believed that my relationship with Divinity was full of freedom, then I would not have to sanction freedom in my life.  And here is the truth. I will continue to need to legalize freedom in my life because I am human, and we love conditions. So how do I go about moving into a relationship with the Divine that is based on freedom and love?

Active Participation

My internal actions are clear – I must actively participate in my thoughts, beliefs, and life … without judgment. So, I began asking myself, is this thought or emotion sanctioning freedom? If it is not, then what can I activate within me to move to an internal space of freedom?

After the internal work was completed, I then looked toward my expression of it. Are my internal and external actions aligned? I realized I was doing a lot of activities that were creating limits in my life.

Your Turn

Are you ready to legalize freedom in your own life? What might that look like? What does your Soul have to say about it? Is it time you upped your sacred practice or your connection to the Divine, so you are utilizing all the resources that you have been provided with? You get to discover those answers, without judgment, for yourself.

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